No Tobacco Sale In World Cities

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Two world cities, Dubai in United Arab Emirates and New Delhi in India, have both decided on no tobacco sale.

To Mark World No Tobacco Day

To commemorate the World No Tobacco Day by the World Health Organization, Dubai Municipality initiated the no tobacco sale in the city’s 500 shops. It was May 31st when the civic group was joined by 500 shops of various groups to stop selling the said products even just for 24 hours.

This is said to be the fifth time that Dubai participated in the yearly event against smoking. Activities held were aiming to create awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco in the body and to encourage the smokers to quit this habit.

Campaign coordinator and public safety officer Ahmad Saeed Al Naqaz remarked that this is a way of encouraging the smokers to end their smoking. he said that this is about sending the right message, of building awareness and of showing people of the right path.

Groups that participated in the event were Dubai Aquarium, Sky Dive Dubai, Vox Cinema, Emirates Mall. Majelan Al Madina, EMart, City Corner, Wow Pinoy, Grand Mart and Galaxy.

Public health and safety department director Marwan Al Mohammed informed that according to WHO, tobacco epidemic claims about 6 million lives all over the world each year. Unless an action is taken, over 8 million people would be killed by 2030. World No Tobacco Day, he said, aims to contribute to the protection of present and future generations from the deadly healthy consequences, economic/environmental/social scourges of tobacco use and tobacco smoke exposure. DM employees who are smoking will also be given free cessation treatment and regular follow ups.

Dry Day Each Month

Meanwhile in New Delhi, the government said that there will be no tobacco sale on every last day of each month and it will serve as a dry day for tobacco smokers.

This is a different approach from the usual smoking bans in other places. This campaign is a drive against use of tobacco and a campaign that will create awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco.

The government also considers raising cigarette taxes through the pursuance of a committee that the state has empowered. This was according to an official who also said that this decision was discussed during the meeting with the state-level coordination committee for tobacco control. It was headed by SK Srivastava, the chief secretary.

Dr NV Kamat is the director of health services. He said that the concept is already commenced last year 2013 when they have asked vendors to halt selling any tobacco and other tobacco-related products every last day of the month. It was a voluntary effort from the part of the vendors. He said that he hopes this will be a way by which New Delhi will become a tobacco-free state.

In Delhi, officials are worried about the alarming rate of increase of tobacco consumption. According to the Global Adults Tobacco Survey 2010, 40.9% of men and 3.7% of women use any form or product containing tobacco in the city.

There were 30% of men who smoke while 1.1% of women also smoke. The average age by which a person smokes there is 19 years and 3 months old.

Srivastava ordered that the Cigarette and other Tobacco Products Act of 2003 be implemented strictly and to make sure that the growth of shisha bars will be curbed along with tobacco sale.

On May 30, the union health minister Harsh Vardhan headed the rally joined by 200 schoolchildren from Nirman Bhavan in commemoration of WHO’s World No Tobacco Day held on May 31st.

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