No Ejuice Dry up Anywhere With Vape Flask

Chelsea April 2, 2014 0

You probably think that Innokin Ucan is the only product available in the market as a great eliquid holder. Well, now you have another great option to choose from as Vapor Authority offers a revolutionary new product, the Vape Flask.

Vape Flask From Vapor Authority

It is a smart and chic eliquid container that you can use to dispense eliquid into your tank or cartomizer with just a simple press of the button. The flask even allows you to release the liquid in controlled amounts with ease.

With this, filling and refilling a clearomizer, cartomizer or tank will be very easy and leak-free. Anywhere you might be, you will not run out of eliquid in your ecig.

The unit has an injection end comprised of the needle nose tip. This tip is sufficiently narrow that it can fir any minute space so filling eliquid will be easy and fast.

The flask is constructed with high grade stainless steel. Thus, you can expect it to be long lasting and durable. The metal body is even accentuated by the laser etched logo of Vapor Authority on one side.

Providing you with more convenience, the flask will also be delivered to you along with a key clip so the unit can be held as if it were a keychain. It is more than just sleek and stylish, but also handy and very functional.

This new product is an essential for all vapers. It is a perfect solution for always having your eliquid at hand even while you are on the go. The flask has a capacity of 5 ml eliquid.

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Advantages Of Using The Vape Flask

Without this flask, perhaps you have already experienced the need for stashing your bottle of eliquid (plastic or glass) inside your pants pocket or bag. While there is nothing wrong with this, you would most likely admit that it could sometimes be messy and troublesome.

When your device runs out of eliquid, it could be untidy to refill eliquid from the bottle. Filling this way will not give you any control on how much liquid will be poured into the tank. The new eliquid flask from Vapor Authority is such a great way of refilling the ecig tank with controlled amounts of liquids.

Using the unit is so simple that refilling eliquid is just a breeze. Even if you are refilling a cartomizer, the needle tip can go don right through the polyfill with no problem.

Just insert this needle tip into any device you need to put liquid into. Once properly inserted, press the button located on the other side. Upon pressing the button, the juice will quickly and neatly be transferred into the storage unit of the ecigarette. There are no leaks to worry about.

Despite its capacity of 5 ml and is made from stainless steel, this flask will feel far from hefty. In fact, it is just the right weight for being carried like a practical keychain. The high tech key clip lets you attach it to your chain. If you like to just keep the flask in your pocket, simply remove the key clip. Yet with a unit this sleek and posh, you will certainly want to show it to everyone. Some people who would see it might even admire it and ask you where you got the keychain.

This product is exclusive to Vapor Authority only so you could tell anyone inquiring about it to check out Vapor Authority’s website only where they can also get their own flask keychain for $12.95. Whether they are vapers or non-vapers, the flask will still be an amazing accessory to have.

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