NHS Ecigarette Prescription Yes Or No

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University College London researchers published their study whose results show that users of ecigarettes who want to quit smoking are 60% more likely to succeed than when they use NRTs or simple willpower. Like other aspects of ecigarettes, NHS ecigarette prescription too, has been a subject of debate by opposite parties. Should electronic cigarettes be available only through prescription by the NHS?

No From An Ex-Smoker

Observer Writer Euan Ferguson is a former smoker who says no to NHS ecigarette prescription. He said that he resented the smoking ban and that he championed people’s right to smoke. He said that the issue now is whether the state should aid people in quitting their addiction, which is something that is of their own failings. Ferguso does not think that the state should do this. He curses ecigarettes, although he needs them and they are great ways toward healthier smoking. If a person could afford to smoke now or in the past, he/she could buy an ecig starter pack and succeeding ecig cartridges.

Addiction From Childhood

According to Deborah Arnott, who is the chief executive of Ash, smoking rates are highest among the society’s most disadvantaged and poorest. Children growing up in homes where there are smokers are 3 time more likely to take on smoking.

Smoking is an addiction of childhood and not an adult choice. Based on research, many smokers are finding electronic cigarettes to be more useful in quitting than nicotine patches or gums.

Smokers who obtain prescribed medication and support from NHS are more likely to stop smoking than quitting cold turkey or using OTC NRTs. Ecigs are very lightly regulated and Arnott said that they want ecigs to be regulated to ensure quality and are available only on prescription.

Lectured By Non-Smokers

Ferguson disagreed with Arnott in her argument about smoking as a childhood addiction. He said many smokers started late. Some smoked while trying to establish their own personalities; some smoked because of peer pressure. Smoking is indeed more prevalent among the poor and undereducated people because rich people have more beauty they could live for while the poor ones have none.

For years people who have not smoked have been lecturing smokers about quitting the habit. They insist that smokers must only use approved cessation aids like NRTs, but these things hardly work. Qutting smoking is not merely stopping the addiction to nicotine, but breaking the habit of smoking.

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Meeting The Standards To Become Available

Arnott replied that ecigarettes would still be available for general sales to past and present smokers, but the devices should be made available only upon meeting the necessary standards on prescription to the smokes. Quitting smoking with the help of NHS is the most cost-effective healthcare intervention.

Not all smokers attempting to quit with NHS support end up successful, but Arnott explains that those who quit with NHS receive very massive benefits. Provision of properly regulated ecigs on NHS prescription will make the devices free to the poorest of smokers.

Smokers Preferring Free Will

Authorities and advocates could practice their principle all they want when it comes to regulating ecigarettes. Yet, Ferguson believes that smokers, rich or poor, are aware of their addiction and faults.

These people would like to practice their own free will in choosing not to smoke, to drink or to be obese rather than be infantilized.

High Quality Health Care From NHS

Arnott said that ecigs are not cheap. Quality products made available through prescription will promote smokers to obtain help from the NHS. She does not believe that smokers will be discouraged from using cigs because they feel infantilized needing a prescription before they could buy their ecigarettes.

NHS, she said, exits to give high quality healthcare services that are free at point of need. She said that she, too, is a former smoker who started to smoke at 10 years old. She has also attempted to quit many times. The freedom to choose to smoke is one dangerous illusion fostered by tobacco industry. Quitting is easy for some, but very difficult for others.

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