New Products From Clearette Electronic Cigarette

Chelsea January 11, 2014 0

Clearette electronic cigarette is an ecig company based in New York. Despite the recently approved ban on ecig use in many public indoor venues, this company is still set on establishing quite an immense presence in the market.

Recently, it has been featured in the news for its latest activities and business improvements such as the launch of its newest products.

Disposable E-cigar

Clearette Electronic Cigarette has added a disposable e-cigar in its high quality product line.  With this new product, the brand hopes to create more appeal to the consumers and expand the market reach of Clearette.

Among the popular products of this brand are disposable ecigs, rechargeable ecigs and various flavors of disposable e-hookah.

Joseph Arzola, who is the Senior Vice President  of Clearette Product Development, stated that it is only sensible to add the disposable electronic cigar since their independent distributors and retailers were likewise asking for it.

The disposable e-cigar is just like a disposable electronic cigarette in a sense that it utilizes a battery for heating  an atomizer and generating nicotine vapor.  However, the e-cigar is bigger and larger than the regular sized disposable ecig.

The new product actually looks more like a traditional cigar.  Arzola stated that they have intended  this new product to be released earlier around the third quarter of the year 2013.

Yet, the original launch date was not pushed through because they decided on further perfecting the taste rather than to meet the deadline.  Despite the delay in the launch, Clearette proudly offers its new disposable e-cigar to its highly valued customers.

The market share of Clearette and its geographic reach  are growing continuously and exponentially in the very competitive space of electronic cigarettes.

There might already be numerous other e-cigars in the market, yet, consumers are still left with the wide assortment of  such products that are poor in performance as well as in taste.

Chief Operating Officer of Clearette,  Edward Reilly, stated that they developed their product by considering what are already available in the market.  They developed a product that will address what are lacking in the current e-cigars in the market so that Clearette e-cigar will stand out.

Reilly added that they are ahead of their projections on market share of their product line.  They believe that this new e0—cigar will lead to additional 5-10% and will also serve as key to repeat business.

Bullet Ecigarette

Prior to the announcement of the new disposable e-cigar,  Clearette has also launched its new Bullet, a smaller ecigarette that is closer to the size of a real cigarette.

Clearette Bullet is packed with a very stylish and sleek black and gray design. Bullet looks and feels luxurious.   Another outstanding feature of Bullet is its 3.2 mg nicotine content.

CEO Leonardo Lombardo explained that since Bullet is so small and its battery might not be that long lasting, they decided to give it the highest nicotine potency in order for it to deliver guaranteed satisfaction and throat hit in its rather limited battery life.

This product was developed and launched in an aim to provide users with low budget pure pleasure despite fewer puffs.

Clearette Bullet can be purchased either in single packs of in packs of  5.  Gambino stated that the product is great for  casual users.  He added that this Bullet will do quite well in the lower income areas.

In such areas, price plays a very crucial role in making purchase decisions.  They also believe that low cost benefits will also augment the sales volume for those users who are just new to vaping.

Bullet is also ideal for those trying out ecigs the first time.  Its smaller size also offers the familiarity that smokers are looking for  when they decide to make the switch to electronic cigarettes.

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