New DC Office For Electronic Cigarette Industry Group

Chelsea January 24, 2014 0

ECIG or Electronic Cigarette Industry Group has announced very recently that its new DC office has just opened. Furthermore, JP Moery and his The Moery Company are also now part of the ECIG team. Mr. Moery will take the role of Managing Director for this new DC office.

President and Chief Executive officer of Electronic Cigarette Industry Group, Eric Criss, stated that they are very pleased at ECIG that The Moery Company is now part of the team to help them in managing affairs in the US capital.

Moery team, Criss added, offers unparalleled expertise in building and in managing nationalized trade associations. This expansion is another step that ECIG has taken after the announcement that Chuck Connor, a former president of the American Lung Association, is now a consultant for ECIG.

The government affairs team of Elecetronic Cigarette Industry Group is headed by Bryan Haynes from the Troutman Sanders Law firm in Washington, DC and Richmond, Virginia. The efforts of this team will be complemented by the works of Connor and by The Moery Company.

About JP Moery

Before he founded the Moery Company, he served as the Senior Vice President at US Chamber of Commerce. His responsibility there involved overseeing the Committee of 100, which is the highly prominent group of executives and CEOs all over the country. Later, he assumed the position of SmartBrief’s Executive Vice President.

According to Moery, he has been involved with various kinds of industries for the greater part of his career. He added that they are very proud to be associated with the product (electronic cigarette) that offers an alternative for combustible cigarette to millions of smokers. In the near future, the FDA is expected to include ecigarettes under it authoritative regulations.

ECIG is the leader in providing accurate and objective information on these products. The association is dedicated to the promotion of communication, to sharing information. It is also devoted to the provision of forums for its members as well as federal and state agencies so they could all engage in insightful and productive dialogue about public health, industry matters and regulatory affairs.

About ECIG

It is a non-profit 501c6 association comprised of consumers, importers, manufacturers and also distributors of ecigarettes. The association monitors, responds and reports to state and federal issues on ecig regulations. It serves as an advocate for ecigarette industry by fruitfully engaging the government officials for its members.

Under the Code of Ethics of ECIG, its member companies are committed to responsible marketing of products only to adult consumers. Their marketing programs and materials should adhere to the legal requisites of ECIG Ethics Code.

Member companies of the association must also hold their advertising agencies and other service providers they hire to follow the same ECIG standards they follow in terms of product development and marketing methods.

False health claims and intentional misrepresentations about their ecig products are taboo for member companies. Any claims that ecigarette products have health or therapeutic effects must first be substantiated.

No ECIG member company should advertise or target underage persons in their promotions. Every offered services or products by a member company needs to be accurate as well as truthful in terms of grade, pricing, value, make, quantity, performance, availability and currency of model. Fulfillment of orders by consumers, retailers, distributors and importers should also be done by member companies.

No member company should make misleading comparisons of its products to other company’s services or products. Comparisons should be fact-based and can be substantiated without bias. Members should not defame other members in misleading manners.

They should not take unjust advantage of the attached goodwill. Finally, member companies must not use promotional advertising and literature that contains misleading, deceptive and false product descriptions, illustrations, photos and claims.

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