More People Want Ecig Use In Public

Chelsea January 2, 2014 0

The results of a new poll by Reason-Rupe show that more Americans are favoring public ecig use.

This is in opposition to what are happening in society these days that involved electronic cigarette bans. It is as if a trend that officials and authorities follow that when one community proposes and approves a ban on public ecig use, similar bans would soon follow in other places.

Prioritizing Ecig Bans in 2014

On one article in Time magazine, it was noted that electronic cigarette regulations are expected to the priorities of cities and states by 2014.

Without a doubt, various districts have already placed (while some are still considering) bans on the use and sale of these electronic nicotine delivery system.

The FDA has already submitted its proposed regulations for review and soon, it will be announced how it would like the products to be regulated and monitored. Yet, it is believed that ecigarettes will be considered by the agency as real tobacco cigarettes and thus excessively limit them.

However, the recent survey suggests that many Americans would actually like allowing ecigarettes to be used in public.

From the number of participants in the poll, it was found that 62% of Americans are thinking that the government must allow people to use their electronic cigarettes in any public place since they are tobacco-free.

Those who said that vaping in public should not be allowed is only 34%. Non-partisan independents are c66% and independents leaning Republicans are 68%. They are more likely to think that the government must allow ecigarette use in public than Democrats that comprise 58% of the survey subjects.

Majorities of these political groups think that electronic cigarettes must be permitted. Republicans are 63% while Independents leaning Democratic are 61%. The self identified Libertarians are 22% more likely to allow the activity than self-identified Liberals.

Older Vs Younger

The poll also found out that younger Americans are more open-minded to vaping than older Americans. Older Americans showed more eagerness in pursuing public bans on ecigs than younger people.

About 42% of adults aged 55 years old and older favor government ban on ecigarettes while 29% of younger people aged below 35 years old disagree with bans.

The poll was conducted via telephone calls placed to different subscribers across the country. They were interviewed December 4-8, 2013. There were 1011 adults called via landline (505) and mobile phones (506). The margin error is +/- 3.7%.

This nationwide poll was conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International.

Not Just In America

BMA or British Medical Association wants ecigarettes to be banned; yet, over 1 million people now use ecigs.

About 1,000 people were surveyed for BBC Breakfast and results of the poll suggest that the majority of people support ecig use in public and would not like to see an ecigarette ban.

Many people are thinking that in the current situation where different places impose different rules is simply showing of the absolute confusion society has on electronic cigarettes.

Anti-smoking groups adamant with their pure tobacco abstinence are seemingly unreasonable in their stance that ecigs should also be banned like tobacco cigarettes.

Nonetheless, there are also various health experts who think that electronic cigarettes are safer alternatives to tobacco cigarettes and should be freely accessed by adult consumers.

Ecigarette advocates believe that ecigarettes should be allowed to be used in public as much as possible so that more smokers would gain awareness that they have a safer cigarette option to choose.

The more smokers would know about the products, the better because the more smokers would be given the opportunity to make life-changing decisions to pursue better health.

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