More Campuses Ban Use Of Ecigarettes

Chelsea May 14, 2014 0

More campuses are banning the use of ecigarettes even as electronic cigarettes continue to replace conventional cigarettes in the lives of smokers.

University of Kansas

Use of ecigarettes in this university must be beyond the 20 feet boundary from any building on Edwards and Lawrence campuses. Faculty members and student caught violating the policy would be required to pay a fine of $100-500.

The university has been implementing a no smoking policy since July 1993. Only last February, its policy was updated so as to include the controversial electronic cigarettes. Yet, some students might not be aware of the updated policy.

Human resources director of the university Ola Faucher stated that additional research has been demonstrating that using ecigarettes can cause some health issues. Faucher added that KU has consulted with KU Medical Center physicians in order to learn more about such health concerns.

Feedback says that vaping prohibitions are advisable and that the policy already needs updating. The policy states that no smoking, no use of tobacco and electronic cigarettes is permitted within 20 feet from any part of buildings in the campus (overhangs included) or within 20 feet from air intakes.

There are exclusions in the policy such as Student Housing like apartments, scholarship halss and residential halls. Here, students are allowed using ecigs, snuff and chew tobacco.

Carson Lee is a sophomore and smokes ecigs. He said that ecigs are better, healthier that conventional cigarettes. It harms no one and does not pollute the environment. He said that he would fight for his right and reasons if fined for vaping.

Other places also serve as haven for the ecig users. Salty Iguana, 23rd Street Brewery and The Burger Stand all welcome vaping.

In Huntley School District 158

Officials here are also considering a ban on the use of ecigarettes in the campus. Huntley School District 158 has seen more students possessing and using the devices and other alternative nicotine products in Huntley High School and other middle schools.

District 158 associate superintendent Terry Awrey remarked that it has just started to become an issue and they are trying to stop it while it is still early. Awrey added that 40 years ago, commercials for cigarettes were removed, but ecigs are now being marketed in the same way. He said that advertisers are now making ecig products attractive to young audiences and they offer the products in delicious flavors.

A few suburban towns like Mount Prospect, Hanover Park and Huntley have banned or cindered to ban selling ecigs and other nicotine products to underage consumers.

In the policy that District 58 considers, students who will be caught buying, selling, using, possessing and distributing the alternative nicotine could be suspended or expelled. This is a similar punishment is students were caught with marijuana, alcohol and other illicit substances on school ground.

Penalties will differ depending on whether it is the first, second, third or repeated offense. The disciplinary issues of the student will also influence the type of punishment to be imposed, Awrey said.

In high school, ecig use and possession is illegal. There is a school resource officer in high school that tickets the students and deters them from using the banned products.

The policy committee of the district has reviewed this proposed policy. During the first reading last March, the school board gave it a green light.

Awrey also mentioned that the harms of using cigarettes have been informed to the students in their health education classes. Now, even the hazards of vaping are also taught to them along with the legal issues surrounding the products.

It was only timely that the policy is updated. The only thing needed to be done is to include the policy changes in the student handbook.

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