Minnesota Governor Will Possibly Oppose Indoor Vaping Ban

Chelsea April 28, 2014 0

Most state governors featured on ecigarette related news were all enthusiastic about indoor vaping ban, but not Minnesota governor Mark Dayton. Governor Dayton recently remarked that the proposals made this year to ban indoor use of ecigs might be overboard.

During an interview, he said that he would sign the proposed legislation on restricting access of youths to ecigarettes, but he would oppose proposed restrictions on indoor vaping. According to him, having been hard on smokers during last the last session was enough. The state, apparently, has increased that tax on cigarettes last year.

Going Against The Flow

Dayton’s position would definitely overturn the intensifying movements against electronic cigarettes in the Legislature. Many lawmakers not only in Minnesota, but other parts of the country are all eyeing to put restrictions on the use of popular ecigs or personal vaporizers.

In Minnesota and other states, counties and towns, legislators are moving toward the placement of ecigs under policies governing tobacco cigarettes. Some have already approved laws and ordinances on indoor ecig ban. Such restrictions are not welcome and accepted by ecigarette users and manufacturers. Restrictions hamper the freedom of smokers who have chosen to vape rather than smoke.

Ecigarette opponents suppose that since ecig vapors look like cigarette smoke, they also carry numerous risks to people. Nonetheless, Governor Dayton stated that he does not know whether there are secondhand vapors as there are secondhand smokes. He added that everything that is put in the air aside from oxygen is possibly detrimental to somebody.

At the state capitol, senators have already arranged for a floor vote a ban on indoor vaping. House members, meanwhile, are likewise prepared in voting for an ecigarette bill that will restrict selling the products to minors and will prohibit ecig use inside public schools.

Anti-Ecig Efforts On The Rise

Those organizations and personalities that previously supported Freedom To Breathe Act are also now supporting bills to be imposed against ecigs.

Senator Kathy Sheran stated that now is the time to begin taking actions that will bring everyone to a common understanding indoor air must be free not only from smoke, but also vapors. Sheran also remarked about her plans to continue with her anti-ecig bill even if the Governor does not approve it.

Among those groups supporting these restrictions are American Lung Association, American Cancer Society, ClearWay Minnesota and Blue Cross Blue Shield. All these ecig opposing organizations have their own registered lobbyists at the Minnesota Capitol to push health issues like of ecigarettes.

Reports showing that eliquid poisoning among children is sharply rising even buoyed these efforts. Last year, it was reported by the Minnesota Poison Control System that there have been 50 poisoning incidents that involved children and adults. In 2012, there were only 5 reported incidents.

While eliquid poisoning cases have indeed increased, it should not be disregarded that inside the households are other potent poisons. In fact, toothpaste has even caused more cases of poisoning than eliquids. The issue is not the product themselves, but how adults responsibly or irresponsibly handle these items.

Just like the anti- ecig bans being pushed in the Legislature, lawmakers likewise need to make decisions carefully. Their judgment must not be clouded just because vaping appears like actual smoking. Excessive regulations like treating ecigarettes as tobacco and taxing them as tobacco would have serious consequences to the public.

If they will decide to impose those bans even though the products are not yet proven to be really dangerous, ecig users will just go back to cigarette smoking. If in the future vaping is finally proven safe and effective, it will probably be too late because lawmakers have already signed the death warrants of many people by depriving smokers’ access to ecigs.

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