Limited Edition King Mod: Product Of Fruitful Collaboration

Chelsea May 28, 2014 0

Amazing result from collaboration does not always occur. Yet, the Limited Edition King Mod is evidence that it is possible.

This Limited Edition King Mod is the fruit of joint hard work by the #IMPROOF Movement and Surefire Vapor. #IMPROOF Movement is a platform where vapers could share their success stories and telling everyone how vaping made their lives better.

Many are skeptical about the usefulness of electronic cigarettes in smoke cessation as the products lack the approval and endorsement of the FDA. Yet, success stories of vaper at #IMPROOF simply show that quitting through vaping is more than possible.

In support of the movement, Surefire Vapor worked with #IMPROOF to create the King Mod. #IMPROOF King is the latest addition to the highly esteemed lineup of mechanical devices also from Surefire. #IMPROOF Movement will receive a sale percentage for each King Mod unit sold.

These donations will be used by #IMPROOF to purchase ecig starter kits, which would then be given away to smokers wanting to make the switch. With each piece of King that you buy, you get yourself a stunning device and you support the great cause of #IMPROOF in sharing with everyone the good news about vaping. Through this simple effort of yours, you also encourage other smokers to start the vaping lifestyle. With the King in your hand, you will make a statement that you are a vaper with one heck of good taste and that you are also a person with the kind heart for others to find better lives.


The device is not only noble, but spectacular as well. It possesses the same great features of the King such as solid copper contacts, knurled reverse-threaded lock ring, recessed switch as the bottom, etc.

King has quite a distinctive appearance. Solid brass was used for its construction. It was then dusted so that it will have slight matte finish that will shine under specific lighting. #IMPROOF King stays true to the typical Surefire King mod.

Its switch has the laser engraved logo of Surefire. On the 18350 tube are engraved King emblem as well as each piece’s serial number. Also engraved on the 18350 tube is the logo of #IMPROOF that completes the look of this fantastic piece.

Where To Buy

This latest dusted brass knurled King was offered at Vaperev last April 4th. Yet, there are also other stores supporting the #IMPROOF Movement where the great Brass King may also be bought for a limited time/quantity.

In Arizona, the mod will be available at Vape Central in Phoenix. If you are from Arkansas, purchase your king at Vape-City Arkansas in Conway or Razor Vapes in North Little Rock.

If you are in California, you could visit a lot of stores and pick your own king: E-vape Mods in Burbank. Vapour Heights in Chino, Vape Dreams in Daly City, The Vape Den in Irwindale, Pure Vapor Spot in Lake Forest, Smokeless Success in Long Beach, Monster Vape Lounge in LA, First City Vape in Marina, Vapor 93 in Rocklin, Planet of the Vapes in Sacramento, Frisco Vapor in San Francisco, The Vapor Cave in San Mateo, Aqua Vape in Temple City, The Vapor Dept in Valencia, H20 Vapors and Simple Smokes in Westminster, Vape Rack in Whittier and The Vape Town in Woodland Hills.

Colorado stores where King can be bought are vapor Source in Pueblo and Elite Vapes in Thornton. You may also buy King from Vaping Art in Miami, Florida; V8P Bar in Norcross, Georgia; The Vaping Section in Honolulu, Hawaii; Prime vape Shop in Chicago, Illinois; Lucky’s Vapor in Wichita, Kansas; The Vapevine in Millersville, Maryland; Cumulus Vapors in Melrose, Massachusetts; Vapor Kings in Sand Springs and Tulsa, Oklahoma; I-Vape in Albany, Oregon; Craving Vapor in Austin, Texas and My Vapez in Arlington, Virginia.

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