Le Petit Gros: Small But Terrible

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Size is an influential factor when choosing a device. Some vapers would like something large because they prefer the ability of these set-ups to accommodate higher milliamp batteries and liquid capacity. For those who prefer the smaller set ups, the Le Petit Gros is the small, but terrible device that will suit your needs.

The Le Petit Gros Mod

It was designed and made in France by the Vaponaute. It is one of the smallest mechanical mod that vapers have seen in the market. It measures just 56 mm long. Do not be fooled by this tiny structure because Vaponaute has managed to engineer it with top notch performance and abilities.

Its unique aspect is the recessed hybrid connector. This is what makes the miniscule size quite misleading. The connector inherently enables most atomizers of up to 22 mm diameter to fit into the top party of the battery tube as if it were an atomizer sleeve.

This feature offers the advantage of connecting the atomizer to the mod right below the top part. This further minimizes the entire length of the setup and creates the amazingly compact combination. The mod might obviously be small, but Vaponaute certainly did not withhold on any material for the mod.

The tubing has been machined out of solid 316-grade stainless steel. this makes the mod durable and oxidation-resistant. Its 510 hybrid-style connector is made from solid brass in order to give it the highest conductivity level.

It operates through the recessed bottom-firing switch. It sits evenly with the button cap so the device is able to stand upright on the flat plane without firing. Ots aesthetic customization is provided by the switch options.

One switch option is stainless steel and the other is solid brass. The switch has been designed to be easily removed so you could swap it quickly and easily. The subtle curves and the brushed stainless steel finish makes this mod at par with other visually appealing devices out there.

The slight taper of the tubing gives it a unique appearance and at the same time comfort in holding. With the added touch of personality, every Le Petit Gros has been engraved on its inner switch surface with the serial number, name and Vaponaute logo.

It may be small in appearance and stature, but it is still a well-rounded mechanical ecig mod. Its performance is not compromised; its design elements are appealing and its components are high quality. Thus, there is nothing for you not to like about this mod. Pair this mod with an atomizer or juice attachment up to 22 mm and you will know just how great it could perform. The mod uses 18350- battery.

At $145, this device is definitely a must-have if you are into stealth vaping or simply enjoying a good vape with such cute, but admirable mod.

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Also From Vaponaute

Quickly start your vape experience with this mod by taking time to order it along with the eliquid. Vaponaute also purveys several flavors of ejuices that you could try.

Into The Wild is an intense tobacco blend that is subtle and powerful. It will unveil hints of warth and spiciness in your mouth in each puff. Vaponaute ejuices are made with French USP propylene glycol, USP vegetable glycerin, aromas and nicotine that are made in France. Although the vape juices are already vape-able when you receive them, further enjoy the Vaponaute ejuices, by first allowing the eliquid bottle to steep.

Another flavor to try is On The Storm. It is a decadent treat of tobacco with ripe fruits. It is a delicate and complex flavor you have to try. There is also Over The Rainbow, a playfully delightful refreshing vape juice that will tantalize your taste buds with sweet and sour tastes.

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