Lack Of Test Does Not Discourage Ecigarette Use

Chelsea June 23, 2014 0

Ecigarette use continues to soar despite the unending efforts to demonize the products. Critics are often heard claiming that there are inadequate electronic cigarette studies available so it is hard to know whether ecigs are good or not.

In Place Of Real Cigarettes

23 years old AJ Herman has been a smoker since he was 13 years old. Yet, he recently made a life changing decision to switch to vaping. He vaped inside the Smokey Row coffee shop, but the busy patrons seem not to mind that he is blowing vapors that looked like smoke.

Herman did not get angry glares. No one bothered to cover their noses or mouths because the vapors have no offensive odors. It was 3.5 months since he began vaping and has not picked up another cigarette again.

Unwelcomed By Critics

Michael Burke is one of the critics of ecigarette use. He is Minnesota Mayo Clinic’s Nicotine Dependence Center’s program coordinator. His worry is that non-smokers will also be pulled by ecigs to smoking and nicotine addiction. Moreover, he believes that vaping prevents smkers from ever quitting smoking.

While the cigarette trend continues to catch on, Burke remarked that there are other proven ways of quitting smoking such as nicotine patches, gums and also therapy counseling. For many people, ecigs are not welcomed as smoke cessation aids because they simply simulate the act of smoking. While the harms of vaping may be less than the harms of smoking, they do not approve the fact ecigs still deliver nicotine.

Not Approved, But Accepted

Central Iowa Electronic Cigarettes is managed by Desiree Timblin. She was a customer of the store for some time before becoming an employee. She and her husband never had an intention to quit or even use ecigarettes. Together, they used to consume 2-3 cigarettes packs per day. It was her husband who insisted that they get their ecig kit. So convinced that ecigs are successful cessation products, she joined Central Iowa Electronic Cigarettes in 2012.

She said that they offer ecigarettes as an alternative. They cannot legally say that ecigarettes are cessation aids or methods. They simply call ecigs as smoke alternatives although many of them who used to smoke before are aware that electronic cigarettes could truly help in quitting smoking.

She also explains that ecigs are healthier nicotine delivery systems compared to traditional cigarettes. None of the 4,000 tobacco chemicals are present in ecigs. Even Burke admits that the eliquid ingredients are theoretically not harmful if moderately used.

Still, he insists that the addictive nicotine is something to be worried about. If proven safe and effective as cessation aid, ecigs could really be such great alternative. However, Burke explained that none has been proven yet. More alarming is that vaping is now increasing at very dangerously fast rate.

Research and studies done so far is still not adequate, said Burke. For drugs to be proven safe, he said that procedures and standards must be followed and all these are not yet done with electronic cigarettes.

Many lawmakers are also worried of their hypothetical ecig dangers especially when it comes to ecig marketing to children. They claim that ecig flavors are not meant for adult users, but for the young audiences.

For Herman, although he knows that there could be some dangers in vaping considering the lack of tests on the use of the devices. Nevertheless, he thinks and appreciates that ecigs are healthier than real cigarettes. He added that he has been thinking of quitting smoking. He has tried cold turkey and other methods. Only electronic cigarettes worked and helped him achieve his goal.

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