Kato Hammer Mod From Korea

Chelsea August 15, 2014 0

Kato Hammer mod is a Korean made pipe style APV. It is a 100% all mechanical APV that is constructed using 316-grade stainless steel and brass.

Mod Details

This is a beautiful piece that you know you simply have to get the moment you see it. The machining and the design of Kato Hammer Mod are excellent and commendable. Performance wise, this mod also hits well and heavily. Almost all RBAs would look fitting with this mod.

The inspiration for its magnificent engravings are said to have come the hammerhead shark. The engravings are not the only superb components of the mod, but also its 510 connector, button, base with serial number and design.

The default tube is designed to accept 18350-battery. It is inserted downward positive end first. There is also a separate extension tube that you could buy if you want to use 18490-battery. However, using this extension tube only throws off the whole aesthetic appeal of the mod so many vapers simply prefer the 18350 setup.

Connections are all made of brass with the 510-pin self adjusting. The battery compartment is likewise insulated so the overall design is simply awesome.

Real World Use

The mod is without a doubt a spectacular mod to own. However, it is not a recommended everyday mod that you could take with you unless you are fine about carrying something heavy in your bag or pocket.

The mod is ideal for use at home while reclining on your lawn chair. This summer, if you are ever hosting a barbecue night, this is a mod that is worthy of showing off. The mod is a show and conversation piece so you are able to provide your guests with something interesting top talk about. Everyone would definitely want to hold or try it out especially if you fill it with a really enticing eliquid flavor. Original Hammer mod costs around $240.

Cheaper Alternative

It is never recommended to support counterfeit products, but if your budget is short and you want to experience something close to the authentic Kato Hammer, you could browse through Fast Tech and there you will find a Hammer clone offered at just $45. Other vendor offer Hammer clones for $20-30.

Like the original, it is also made to accommodate 18350-battery in its default tube. There are also extension tubes, 18500 and 18650, available for the cone.

The clone has its voltage drop issues, though. O the go, the Hammer could only last up to 30 minutes. The button looks decent, but is actually crunchy. The locking ring is also challenging to work with. It gets threaded down on the battery tube. Yet, it is quite small that getting it back is also difficult.

The clone is only a copy, but it certainly copied the heaviness of the original Hammer. If there is one thing it beneficially copied, it is the cool and amazing appearance of the authentic unit. It is also excellent to pair with Fogger or Kayfun RBA.

Thus, it is a novelty piece worthy of showing with pride to your friends. For a cheap price, you could get yourself a decent looking mod. However, it has been reported by vapers who tried it that the clone did not take after the original in terms of performance.

In fact, many attest that this is one of those cloned mods that earned very low grades in terms of performance. It performs nothing like a mod at all, only like a cigalike. If you are just after display purposes, this is a clone you could get. Look for other better clones if what you want is a practically functional piece.

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