Jinamods Ebony Fairy Mod, A Gorgeous Performer

Chelsea August 29, 2014 0

If you are looking for a gorgeous and fine vaping performer, make sure to include the Jinamods Ebony Fairy Mod in your list of options. VaporDNA offers it for $180. However, make sure you at fast because this is a limited edition product with only 500 available units made. It is an ecig mod proudly hailing from Korea.

Jinamods Ebony Fairy Mod

It is a 18650-mod made out of brass an ebony shell. It is a unique piece of vaporizing device that is sure to start and light up any conversation.

It is comprised of 3 sections that are secured together with the bottom firing switch and top cap. It is basically a tube mod made of brass plus two sections made of ebony wood that are fitted outside the brass tube. The two wooden parts are bound and secured by a screw on the top cap and on the bottom switch.


Its locking firing bottom switch is large. Engraved on which is the fairy logo. The throw is very short, but delivers a really smooth vape. It is also amazingly lightweight, considering that is made from brass. The 25 mm diameter is also wider than the standard tube mod crafted from metal.

The connection pins and all the remaining parts are also brass made. The hit is fast and hard. The rather high price could make you think twice on buying the mod, but since it is unique and possibly not yet cloned, the investment is worth it.

The bottom switch is very smooth to fire and lock. The base pin is made of brass with an insulator that helps prevent battery shorts. The top cap has a floating pin combined with screw pin.

The Fairy mod is also easy to set up. Just attach the RDA to 510-connection. You might need a few adjustments with screw pin to eliminate any battery rattles. If the 18650-battery is rattling when you place it inside the mod, the battery is loose. If it is too tight, the wood exterior would be spinning. Thus, you really should look for the sweet spot, but once set up, the mod is really easy and simple to use.

Style And Performance

This Ebony fairy mod is simply gorgeous it is easy to fall in love with. It is more than just a good looking mod because it also performs outstandingly. It is also very responsive. You only press on the switch and it will almost immediately power up.

Many high end and expensive mods involve voltage drop issues. This ebony mod is different because it has no unacceptable drop in the voltage that could compromise performance.

Although the switch has a spring, it is still very responsive and feels right. It will also work even with no locking ring.

Ebony is also something rare with ecig mods so seeing something crafted out of such wood makes that product very interesting and superb. This Fairy mod has a well oiled finish that makes it easy to maintain and stunningly looking.

Clean the mod using olive oil for best results. Olive oil will maintain the eye catching looks of this mod. Do not be satisfied oiling the outer wood surface. Equally needing your attention is the brass metal tube. Use a polish cloth every now and then to keep the mod in superb condition. Other than wiping and oiling, you would not need any other steps to maintain the mod.

The mod also makes heat almost non-existent. The device is adequately ventilated. The metal tube might get hot, but since you are holding the ebony wood part, you will not suffer any unnecessary burns when using this vaporizer even under heavy usage.

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