Jac Vapour Releases Its Vaporless Clear Steam Eliquid

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Since vaping looks very similar to actual smoking, many officials and lawmakers simply decide to ban them. Thus, the trend that electronic cigarette makers seem to follow nowadays is to eliminate this smoking likeness of vaping. An excellent and latest example is the vaporless Clear Steam Eliquid by Jac Vapour.

These similarities were actually designed to give smokers something familiar so they can switch to vaping. Ecigs are like traditional nicotine replacement products in the area of delivering nicotine to the user. Yet, ecigs are more preferred since other needs are likewise addressed; such as hand to mouth fixation and social aspect of smoking.

While smokers benefits from these resemblances, policy makers and regulators see them as problems and inconveniences. They think that vaping could undermine the presently enforced anti-smoking policies; could lure more youths to smoking and could waste whatever improvements have been attained by past anti-smoking campaigns.

Clear Steam Eliquid

In order to steer clear of such unwanted scrutiny, many ecigarette companies are taking steps to create products that look different from smoking while still delivering great satisfaction to users. Manufacturers of devices and hardware now design and develop products that look nothing like traditional cigarettes.

The leading superior ecig brand in the UK, Jac Vapour, now presents its new innovative product. With this new product, vaping in public can be revolutionized.

Clear Steam is the first branded eliquid made in Britain that will emit no vapor or aerosol when the user exhales it. It is regarded as the first and only product in the market that was developed by a mainstream ecigarette brand.

Other currently available eliquids are converted by ecigarette devices into fine and harmless, bust visible mist when the user exhales. Despite the absence of harm, vapers are still persecuted in various places.

Clear Steam, on the other hand, already dissipates even before the user exhales it. Extensive research was first done prior to the development of this new product in British laboratories. Jac Vapour intends to make vaping more distinguishable from traditional smoking through Clear Steam. This way, vapors can avoid the taboo from being mistaken as a defiant smoker in public.

Apart from this special feature of Clear Steam, Jac Vapour promises that it will also possess the same flavor, throat hit and strength that its other high quality eliquids also have.

Forward Thinking

With Clear Steam, Jac Vapour has taken yet another millstone. This ecig company based in Edinburgh has always been forward thinking in its aim to champion innovation in the vaping industry. Emma Logan, co-founder of the company commented that their team commits to the creation of new products that will match the growing and quickly changing needs of vapers. The Clear Steam launch is just one proof of this commitment.

She added that vaping produces no secondhand risks, but numerous people and establishments can still see the vapors and wrongly assume or confuse them with tobacco smoke (ecigarette devices are mistaken as real cigarettes). With the visual attribute if vaping addressed, the company hopes that public misconceptions could be alleviated. Hopefully, with this product vapers could avoid the prejudice that society is throwing at them.

Vaping was once considered just a passing fad. Yet, its popularity continues to rise that the 1.3 million vaper in the UK has most likely increased significantly. Vapers’ numbers are also considered a threat to society by some politicians.

The new Jac Vapour product was independently tested and has pass EU and UK industry standards. Clear Steam can be bought in various nicotine levels. Available flavor are Real Tobacco Lite, Vanilla, Pure Menthol and Strawberry Chew. A 10 ml bottle can be purchased for £5.19. It can be used with any refillable ecigarette units.

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