iTaste CLK Something New To Look Forward To

Chelsea June 18, 2014 0

Innokin have yet another new product to offer: iTaste CLK. While many are still waiting for CLK to be released in the market there were some fortunate vapers who were given the chance to experience what this new unit can offer.

For its retail price of under $50, those who have tried it are saying that CLK is capable and attractive. Different people have different needs and preferences. If the new eVic Supreme is too big or too expensive for you, there are still other similarly powerful products in the market that will suit you just fine. The iTaste CLK is certainly one option you could have.

Innokin iTaste CLK Features

Like the other iTaste products, CLK was also designed with numerous outstanding features and qualities.

It is not only a variable voltage personal vaporizer. It also has a pass through capability like eGo and Spinner. It is powered by 800mAH battery. If you are an aggressive vaper, one battery charge will last about 3 hours of vaping.

CLK is likewise unregulated so its output will go down as you vape. Once the battery level is already depleted at 3.3v or when the vapor production is already poor, you would know it is time to recharge.

As a pass through device, you may use CLK even while it is charging. Attach it through the micro USB port that is located beside the LED button.

The CLK has rotational wheel at the base so that you can just dial the voltage setting you need. The voltage range is 3.5-5 volts. This range is just the right range most vapers need. There are well defined numbers and notches on the wheel so dialing is easy and fast. CLK will be available in three styles/designs: Quicksilver silver, Onyx black and Pixie pink.

Clearomizer Pairing

The battery is slightly thicker than other 800mAh rated batteries. Designed to be used with iClear 16 D also from Innokin, you could expect that the pair will provide you with the best experience. However, it will still look great with bigger glassomizers and clearomizers such as iClear 30. CLK has 510/eGo threading connection. It also comes with one of the best beauty rings in the market.

Innokin’s iClear 16 has three types: the original iClear 16 eGo, iClear 16D and iClear 16B. The 16 D is a dual coil BCC. 16B is more of an eVod clearomizer while 16D takes on the looks of the original 16D. The dual coil BCC has heavy coil head with four wicks that stick out from its atomizer.

It can hold 2 ml of liquid that can last more than one of vaping before requiring a refill. The coil heads are replaceable so you only need to spend about $2.45 for each replacement when the coil has been used up.

CLK comes with an iClear 16D whose resistance is 2.1 ohms. However, there are replacements that can be bought with resistance of 1.5 ohms in case you want to vape with lower resistance. CLK could work well with resistance of up to 1.1 ohms, although the recommended resistance by Innokin that suits CLK best is 2.1 ohms.

There are lots of colors of clearomizers to choose from. All of them are semi-transparent so you could see the remaining eliquid. If you choose the black CLK, it comes with the black iClear 16D which has the darkest shade of all. Yet, it is still clear enough for you to see the remaining amount of eliquid.

For some vapers, the 16D is quite airy and offers a rather loose draw. For others, the clearomizer delivers just the perfect vape and draw.

There are three air holes in 16D that allows you to hear the air passing through while vaping. If you find it too loose, you may use a toothpick to plug the holes. With just one hole available, you could get a tighter draw, better flavor and vapors.

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