Inviting Every Vaper To Contribute For Eliquid Study

Chelsea January 20, 2014 0

Every vaper is invited to be part of the cause for an eliquid study that will further help everyone understand electronic cigarettes. Various studies have already been performed. Some are pro ecigs while others are anti these smoking substitutes.

Ecigarettes are fairly new in the market. Eventhough there have already been numerous studies that verified ecig safety, both advocates and detractors say more studies are still needed to identify if the devices could cause harm or not.

Benefitting Vapers

The eliquid study to which all vapers are encouraged to contribute is one that will directly benefit the vaping community. The biggest uncertainty about vaping is most probably the flavors of eliquids.

The study will be performed by the team led by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos. They will take a close and careful look at the numerous popular eliquids. They will assess as many eliquids as they possibly can.

Dr. Farsalinos is a respected and well-known researcher on the safety or risk profile of electronic cigarettes. This expert has been into the field of ecigarette research since the late part of 2011. He has performed many studies that have also been published in some peer-reviewed medical journals. He has also presented his works in many international medical conferences.

He is a firm believer of the revolution that ecigarettes could bring in terms of tobacco harm reduction. He also supports through further research whatever possible developments could help improve the quality of ecigs.

Study Details

The goal of this eliquid study is to evaluate over 100 vape juices sold by various manufacturers across the globe. Vapers are encouraged to donate money or any other contributions because funds are required to purchase eliquids that will be assessed. Costs also include specialized laboratory where the analysis will be performed.

The eliquids and flavorings for this study are very popular that almost all vapers are likely using. Thus, the outcome of this study will be directly benefitting vapers who use the said flavors and juices. They will know, once the study results are released, if they should continue or discontinue vaping the ejuice.

The industry will also benefit from the study because manufacturers will know which flavorings they should avoid if ever they were found harmful. The more money this cause can raise, the more eliquids can be evaluated.

Simply browsing the web will show you that there is an ocean of eliquid products in the market. Limited funds will mean that only a few ejuices could be tested. The study also aims to identify any problems with these vape liquid products and then provide solutions.

It is a research whose results could offer crucial details and will also bring on any necessary changes in the ecigarette market. This evaluation will be material in ensuring that ecigarette liquid products are as safe as they need to be.

Questioned Ecig Ingredients

One of the arguments used by the ecig opponents is that eliquids might contain ingredients that are equally harmful as cigarettes. This is an issue that this research aims to tackle.

Eliquid manufacturers claim that they use ingredients that are also used in many food and pharmaceutical products. Yet, ecig ingredients remain questioned.

Through this effort, the industry and vapers could identify which ingredients should be avoided or removed. Manufacturers could ensure that inappropriate will not get into the products. Through this move, the industry could show to everyone that it takes health related issues responsibly and seriously.

Despite not getting anything in return for the support you can provide, the outcomes of this research will be more valuable than any free shirt or bracelet. Results will be published as soon as they are available on an international journal in medicine.

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