International Inspired Premium Eliquids From The Vapor Girl

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The Vapor Girl Inc. has been awarded by Spinfuel (An American Vaper Magazine) Choice Award for 2013 with Excellence in E-liquid Artistry. The company is located at 1821 N. Fordham Blvd, Suite 4 & 5Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Although this vendor offers the best in ecig hardware, this article will focus on the international inspired e-liquids for which The Vapor Girl has been acknowledged for.


As spicy as a good cup of horchata is every puff you can make from this ejuice. Horchata is also called Orxata and it refers to the name of different kinds of traditional beverages that are concocted from ground sesame seeds, almonds, rice, tigernuts or barley.

This Horchata is made with spices and sugar mixed with rice milk. The mixer of this vape juice went to Mexico several years ago and fell in love with the beverage right on the first sip. The original Mexican recipe was quite difficult to discern, but thanks to a local Mexican restaurant that offered it on the menu, the mixer was able to copy it.

If you are a lover of unusual spices mix with international inspiration and flair, this spicy horchata will please your taste buds.

Dirty Horchata

This Mexican-inspired Horchata by Vapor Girl has been added with an Espresso shot. The result is a spicy vape with additional layer of Espresso taste that you can savor even more. It is no wonder that many vapers easily find this e-liquid flavor their favorite all-day vape.

Dulce De Leche

The inspiration for this juice was the lunch food of an Argentinian student who asked the mixer would like to sample the dulce de leche of her lunch. The sweet dessert is basically a caramelized sauce made of milk.

This e-liquid, however, will taste very strong especially after it is steeped. Moreover, steeping allows multiple layers of flavors to develop to make vaping extra wonderful.

Dutch Chocolate Mint

In this vape juice, the flavors of rich Dutch chocolate and sweet mint are mixed.

English Tobacco Blend

This flavor boasts of nice and rounded tobacco with the hunts of citrus pineapple. This is a good e-liquid to vape freshly made, but an even better flavor to enjoy when aged.

French Vanilla Cinnamon Coffee

A trip to Spain was material in giving birth to this juice. In Spain, the mixer saw for the first time that a cup of coffee can be sprinkled with cinnamon with French Vanilla.

French Vanilla Hazelnut Espresso

This is another coffee-flavored vape that you can enjoy each and every day. Every ingredient used in this concoction blends well with each other that makes vaping it a great way to start the day. This flavor was inspired by the mixer’s trip to Paris. Like a wine, this ejuice also gets better as it matures.

Kalooah Chocolate Coffee

If you are a coffee lover or a fan of any other flavor, Vapor Girl surely can offer something that you will like. This flavor is also Mexico-inspired. During the mixer’s trip to the region’s little town, there were three flavors that the mixer easily fell in love with: dark chocolate, fresh ground coffee and Kahua.

Mango Lassie

This vape juice is based on the traditional Indian drink that is creamy, sweet and rich with slight bitterness. This is essentially a mix of yogurt and mangoes.

Peppermint Chocolate Latte

Chocolate coffee in Spain is the inspiration of this ejuice flavor. In Spain, a chocolate bar is melt directly in the hot coffee. In another shop, this chocolate coffee was improved further with the addition of candy cane that is used like a stirring stick. It tastes quite special and smells equally amazing.


Where else could this vape juice get its inspiration from, but Italy? Every puff will deliver all the great flavors of pizza from the crust to the tomato sauce, garlic, oregano and of course, cheese. It is like vaping a freshly baked pizza.


This e-liquid is as voluptuous and homely like a knobbly and large pear fruit. The largest producer of the fuzzy fruit could very well be Turkey and the raw and unripe fruit usually tastes sour and hard. It has the enticing aroma of guava, pineapple, vanilla and Bartlett pear. When cooked, the flesh softens and becomes translucently pinkish.

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