Impact Of Electronic Cigarettes In Virginia

Chelsea February 26, 2014 0

The trend brought about by electronic cigarettes is sweeping not just the US nation, but the whole world. Interestingly, it is said that it is in the state of Virginia where the trend is likely to make a serious impact.

The modern day electronic cigarettes that are now so popular were brought to the world by the Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. There are devices offered to smokers as cleaner alternatives to real cigarettes. They can deliver nicotine and flavor, but not the toxins, carcinogens and tar from tobacco cigarette smoke.

The ecig growth was achieved through the help in small and independent entrepreneurs. There was time in the ecig history when tobacco firms did not worry or think about the impact of ecigs on their business. Now, however, the three tobacco giants in the US have all set their eyes on the booming market. Last year, the total ecig sales in the country were worth about $1.8 billion.

Wells Fargo Securities analyst Bonnie Herzog projected that there will be as many vapers in the next 10 years as the number of traditional smokers now.

In Virginia Today

This state is the home of Altria’s and Philip Morris USA’s headquarters (in Richmond) as well as the enormous manufacturing facility of best-selling Marlboro cigarettes. A major philanthropy player, Altria is known to give to arts, to sports, to municipal groups and to other charitable causes throughout the state and to the District.

According to Virginia Public Access Project, about $3.8 billion has been given by Altria to the political campaigns in Virginia since 2000.

The tobacco mammoth also employs about 4,000 people in the state and many of the jobs are dependent on the satisfactory performance and resourcefulness of the company in dealing with the obviously downward trend of tobacco consumption. Tobacco use is said to decrease about 4% annually.

Altria has attempted to diversify its business by going into wine and other avenues. Cigarettes, however, remain as the major source of income for the company at 88% of the company’s $23 billion worth of revenues. As of late, it has also entered into electronic cigarette ventures. If tobacco consumption continues to plunge, all the benefits that Virginia used to get from tobacco will all diminish and disappear. With ecigarettes expected to surpass traditional cigarettes, only the worse can be expected

Ecigarettes In Virginia

There are now ecig store that are continuously growing in numbers in the state of Virginia. Many stores are opening because demands are growing. It seems as if a lot of hard core smokers are switching to these ecigs on a daily basis.

Altria itself has entered the ecig market, albeit late. Of the three tobacco giants in the US, it was the last to have ventured in the booming market. Lorillard was first with its acquisition of Blu Cigs. Reynolds American was slightly ahead than Altria to launch its Vuse ecigs. MarkTen is the brand of ecigarette that Altria developed. It also recently acquired another well-known ecigarette brand, Green Smoke.

Betting on Ecigs

The US FDA said it plans on overseeing ecigs as tobacco products, but the only link between ecigs and tobacco is nicotine that can also be sourced from peppers, eggplants, potatoes and even marijuana.

It is the nicotine in most ecig products that cause many anti-tobacco advocates to be wary of ecigarettes. The substance is addictive and can cause detrimental effects to children, pregnant women, etc. They also fear that ecigs could renormalize smoking.

Regardless how officials and prohibitionists oppose ecigarettes, many people are still decided on the fact that these products are better for them. Ecigarettes are promising not just on public health issues and possibly on the economic status of Big Tobacco.

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