Halo Belgian Chocolate Vs Majestic Mint Chocolate Wolverine

Chelsea October 23, 2013 0

Chocolate is always a luscious treat whether you are eating or vaping it. Almost all companies and providers of ecigs are offering chocolate flavored e-juices, but they are definitely not the same with each other.

Halo Belgian Chocolate

Vapor produced when you vape with this e-liquid will surely make you feel like you are on cloud 9. The flavor of vapor that hits your face is not that rancid or strong. Unlike other chocolate vape juice in chocolate flavor, this one does not taste plainly like raw cocoa, but of velvety smooth, creamy chocolate bar.  The taste steeps and becomes stronger after a while.

Furthermore, you can read up on Halo’s website that its e-liquids are diacetyl free. Diacetyl is an organic volatile compound that is linked with Alzheimer’s disease plaque buildup.

This chocolate vape juice is certainly a guilt-free way of enjoying chocolates: vaping without the extra calories. You could even have as many chocolate puffs as you like without the added body weight.

Majestic Mint Chocolate Wolverine

This is another chocolate-flavored vape juice that is simply distinctive from the rest.  It is not just plain or creamy chocolate, but with a kick of mint taste too.

It effectively combines decadent chocolate flavor with cool and soothing mint flavor.  Like halo, Wolverine is likewise enjoyable, but gives you the extra mint flavor. Some e-liquids you might have tried seem dry, but Wolverine is moist.

In terms of vapor production, this one creates vapor clouds like 100VG juice and likewise gives throat hit like 100PG juice.

Although there are other juices out there with mint or menthol flavors, this Wolverine is different because mint is fused with chocolate, not the classic tobacco. The sensation is like sipping your cup of hot chocolate while chewing on a mint-flavored gum or candy.  This chocolate vape juice offers a different, but equally enjoyable luscious chocolate treat.

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