Futura: Next Generation Variable Ecig From NextGen Vapor

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NextGen Vapor is offering the Futura, the next generation variable ecig. The company is rather young in comparison with other ecig companies, but this is to give it time to develop and produce personal vaporizer products that have the finest regulated power and highest level of performance.

The company is the brainchild of 2 avid vapers, Moke Oakes and Jon Pankin. These two vapers came up with NextGen Vapor as they were tired of the widely available mass produced ecig products sold in the market. Thus, after testing numerous prototypes, the two have successfully conceptualized Futura Ecig.

The Futura

This is the most advanced personal vaporizer with regulated power in the world. At $229, it can offer numerous features that include capability to be used with standard eGo or 510 atomizers/cartomizers/clearomizers/RBAs.

Why A Variable Voltage Device

A variable voltage unit is one that can deliver a set or range of voltage to its heating coil and the best deices can do this with little amount of disparity.

If a device is set at 4.7 volts, then this is the amount of voltage that the heating coil would get. Coils, however, are not electrically static.

The heating potential of the coil will be determined by the number of watts in can generate. The resistance of the coil is always changed whenever power is applied. In a variable voltage ecig, the wattage will decrease if the coil resistance increases. The wattage will increase if the coil resistance is de creased.

It is not only on current or voltage that the operation of an electronic cigarette relies on, but on the wattage. The current, voltage and resistance of the coil will all influence how much wattage will produce heat of the coil to vaporize the eliquid.

With a variable voltage ecig, the coil wattage will be fluctuating, which is not ideal in achieving a smooth and consistent vape. On the other hand, a variable wattage will supply consistent wattage to your coil and thus offer a satisfying, smooth vaping.

Technical Details

The Futura is a device that is superiorly built and offers an excellent feature set. It has the most modern chipset. With this, it can adjust up to 10,000 times/second to deliver unparalleled power stability.

Its DNA 20 board is as powerful as a Pentium 100. This enables the device to deliver a perfect, even and flat power to the atomizer. Other cheaper devices will only check the power only once when you press the firing button.

The output frequency of DNA 20 is 800Hertz. Other cheaper chipsets will run only at 33Herts and thus produce the unwanted rattlesnake effect. This device can work with RBAs that use coil resistances of 0.7 ohms with full power.

It can offer the most satisfying vaping experience that is impossible to get from cheaper devices.

The feature set of this NextGen vapor variable device includes adjustable positive contact for atomizer, flush-to-tube rocker style body power adjuster, eGo connection threading, deep dripping well, soft touch buttons, recessed display screen, reverse battery protection, modular construction for 18XXX batteries, robust construction.

Each unit is manually built and subjected to thorough testing before shipping. It is also completely sourced and made in the US.

The body tube is made from 7075 Ballistic Grade Aluminum. The power adjuster is crafted from the same kind of material. battery and top caps, as well as its 510/eGo connectors are made from 316L Surgical/Marine Grade Stainless steel.

The power adjuster housing, fire button, insulators and other internal support structures are made with Delrin. The battery spring is of Beryllium copper while atomizer contacts and battery contacts are brass made. The external finish has a coating of Cerakote Firearm Ceramic.

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