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Tigarette is a wholesaler and retailer of electronic cigarette products that provide one of the most flexible vaping options in the current market. Customers will not only enjoy different colors and trendy designs, with these devices, they can also contribute to the preservation of the environment. With so many styles and colors to choose from, you will have a more customized means to vape.

Every adult smoker in the world could choose from the wide variety of ecigs, accessories and other vapor products from this company. Apart from offering high quality products, Tigarette is also currently offering 30% off on all items your order or purchase from its online store.

Thus, with this brand, you can have a more cost-effective and efficient way to introduce vaping to any smoking family member or friend this merry season. The company guarantees complete vaping satisfaction.

Below are some of the products Tigarette offers.

Disposable Ecigarette

Before, this costs $9.99, but is now offered at $7.99. Each disposable ecig can produce up to 550 puffs. The Original flavor of its ejuice can deliver excellent vapor and throat hit.

This disposable ecig has no assembly, recharging or refilling requirements. It is an excellent travel companion and ideal affordable options for beginner vapers.

The battery it uses is 280mAh rated and has an output voltage of 3.7 volts.

Mini Ecigarette

Each of this device is worth $6.99 (originally at $15.99). It looks just like a real cigarette with a rechargeable battery, colorful cartomizer, and various flavors to choose from.

The device measures 9.2 by 102 mm. Its battery capacity is 180mAh and can produce up to 300 puffs on each full battery charge. The battery is recommended to be charged for 2 hours.

Clearomizers come in colors of Green, Purple, Light Brown, Blue, Orange and Black. A full cartridge can create up to 450 puffs. The product is covered by 1-year warranty. There are 2 cartomizers included in this kit.

eGo Battery

This product is available in various colors such as Blue Fairy, Purple Gold and Craver Circle. You may also choose the size of your battery such as 1100mAh, 900mAh and 650mAh.

The 1000mAh battery is worth $23.99; 950mAh is $21.99 and the 650mAh battery is $19.99. These batteries have variable voltage feature for controlling the vapor levels.

If the battery is fully charged, it can produce up to 1200 puffs for 1100mAh; 1000 puffs for 950mAh and 800 puffs for 650mAh while a fully filled atomizer can create up to 800 puffs.

The battery can last up to 300 recharge times.

eGO LCD (Black) Vaporizer w/ Colorful Atomizer

You can also purchase this product at a discounted price of $20.99. Its price was originally $27.99. You can choose your atomizer in various colors including Clear, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Purple and Pink.

Available battery sizes are 1100mAh and 900mAh. You could also choose to get it with free blister package, eGo travel case or a gift box.

The eGo battery is a variable voltage device you could enjoy in gaining full control of your vaping experience. Red is for 4.2 volts, Blue is 3.7 volts and Green is 3.2 volts.

When fully charged, the 900mAh battery can create 1000 puffs while the 1100mAh battery can make 1200 puffs. Same number of puffs can be enjoyed when the atomizer is fully filled with e-liquid of up to 1.6 ml. The atomizer is dismountable.

The battery can be recharged for 2 hours and a replacement would only be necessary after the battery has been charged over 300 times. It is covered by 1 year warranty.

All products from this seller have FDA, FCC, SGS, RoHS and CE certificates.

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