First Monroe Ecig Store Opens To Help People

Chelsea June 6, 2014 0

The first ecig store in Monroe, Georgia was opened and its owner Craig Sears said that they feel good being able to help people.

Craig considers himself as a former smoker. His money is no longer spent on cartons of cigarettes and he is also no longer worried about yellow stains on his teeth or the offensive smell of smoke on his clothes. Now, Craig is a reformed smoker who uses electronic cigarettes along with his wife Nicole.

New Habit Brings New Business

Not only did electronic cigarettes bring the couple out of the smoking habit, they were also able to put up a new business, Steamhouse Vapors ecig store that if considered a pioneer in Monroe.

Craig praises the ecigarette devices and describes them as wonderful and amazing tool. He said that people using electronic cigarettes after smoking for many years are able to restore their sense of taste and sense of smell. These people are also able to improve their health. In fact, there are some smokers who were able to immediately drop their smoking habit upon picking up the vaping habit.

Steamhouse Vapors

This ecigarette shop was inspired by Chuck and Connie Hawley, the uncle and aunt of Nicole. The older couple also owns their ecig store in Conyers called Rolling Rock Vapor. Here, customers could browse through various ecigarette devices and flavored vape juices such as strawberry, grape and traditional tobacco.

Inside Steamhouse, Craig said there is a lounge area where patrons could sit as they try various flavors of eliquids. They can also read while lounging or watch TV and play dart. He said that they want customers to feel welcome inside the shop. Ecigs are used for recreation, but they could also serve as a great tool to wean off a smoker from his/her cigarette consumption, Craig said.

He also added that customers could choose the nicotine level in their vape juices. One could choose a nicotine level similar to that of regular cigarette or zero nicotine. In fact, the store caters to 4-5 people who just want the flavors so they opt for zero nicotine.

Even if a person vapes with full nicotine dose, he said that vaping benefits remain impressive. Nicotine is addictive, he said, but it is not cancer-causing. There are none of the 4,000 toxic cigarette chemicals in electronic cigarettes.

Craig said that Monroe where he lives is a great place to start and open the first ecig shop. Although the business is not that busy, he hopes that it will soon pick up. Already open for two weeks, the store is about to have its Grand opening scheduled on May 3rd.

Looming Regulations

Craig’s hope is likely to come true as the ecigarette industry is believed to continue thriving and growing despite looming regulations and restrictions. On the last Thursday of April, the FDA has released its proposed ecig regulations. One of its provisions is to ban ecig sales to minors.

Fortunately, there is already a law in place in the state of Georgia that restricts ecigarette products only to consumers at least 18 years old. Erik Anderson who owns Vapor Craft store located in Columbus, Georgia said that he welcomes the regulations, although he has some worries.

Anderson said they are happy that many people are deciding to drop traditional tobacco smoking so there is now an opportunity to achieve a smoke-free community. The proposed FDA policies also include warning labels, ingredient registration and free sample distribution prohibition.

Anderson said they already ID their customers and they mix their eliquids inside a projected approved facility. He is concerned about the additional costs of adhering to legislation that will make ecigarette products costlier.

The proposed regulation is now open for commenting period of 75 days. After which, the agency will decide if the policies will be finalized as they are or if they need to be altered and modified based on the concerns of stakeholders.

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