Fatality Of Nicotine Poisoning Feared In Ireland

Chelsea June 27, 2014 0

A House of Commons member warned about the fatality of nicotine poisoning in Ireland. Mary Mitchell O’Connor, Dún Laoghaire TD, said that D. Edel Duggan, who is the National Poisons Information Centre clinical director, is worried of the dangers that ecigarettes pose.

She mentioned about probable fatalities among children due to the unregulated electronic cigarettes. This was after the news featured the alarming increase in the number of poisoning calls involving ecigarettes and eliquids.

O’Connor said that Dr. Duggan is especially concerned regarding the rising numbers of children who have particularly suffered nicotine poisoning from eliquids in the recent two years. Duggan believes that there could be more fatal issues if this problem would not be addressed now.

O’Connor also remarked that comparing the figures in 2013 and 2014, the first three months of 2014 already gathered as many cases as there were during the entire 2013. 17 cases were reported and 11 of them involved children aged younger than 6 years old; 2 were teenagers while 4 cases involved adults.

According to Fine Gael TD, poisons centre believed that the actual number of nicotine poisoning cases would be over 17.

Poisonous Eliquids

Eliquids are fuels of electronic cigarettes. These liquid solutions are what the device heats up to produce inhalable aerosol. While majority of the ingredients used in mixing eliquids are regarded safe for consumption, one essential ingredient, liquid nicotine, is particularly toxic and poisonous.

Ingestion and accidental contact with the skin can already result to poisoning. Young children unintentionally exposed to the substance could cause vomiting and acute illness. Severe cases could even lead to respiratory arrests, heart attacks, convulsions and coma.

The ecigarette/eliquid industry in Ireland is now valued at 7.3 million euros. This is at 500% increased compare to the amount of sales gathered the previous year. O’Connor said that she believes that tobacco manufacturers are taking advantage of the still lacking regulations over the products. Right now, it remains unclear whether ecigs can help a smoker quit the habit or not.

Attractive To Children

She added that ecigarettes are made attractive and delicious that it is no wonder they are more likely to be tried by children over real cigarettes.

Health Minister James Reilly said that the health department is reviewing available international research/literature about the products. they are looking at the health effects of vaping to users and non-users.

Reilly said that ecigs are not tobacco so they must not be regulated as tobacco. However, he said that he intends to introduce appropriate and necessary regulations on ecigs. Moreover, the Health Minister said that he is likewise worried about the re-normalization of smoking due to ecig use that might cause significant anti-smoking progress to erode.

Other Things Are Poisonous

This issue has previously been controversial in the US. In Ireland, things are apparently happening in the same fashion. Many are criticizing electronic cigarettes in order to get the light focused on them.

They insist that ecigs and eliquids are poisonous and must be banned. They seem to emphasize that more poisoning cases would result if eliquids are allowed to remain in the market. They present figures of eliquid poisoning cases; but if these figures are compared to mother poisoning cases inside the home, readers would find out that critics are simply blowing things out of proportion.

There are other things inside the home that cause poisoning and harm to children, but they are not banned such as window and toilet cleaners and even toothpaste and cosmetics.

Adult ecig users must therefore be cautious about their eliquid storage places. These products are not meant for children or pets so they should be kept away from unintended users.

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