Extreme Ecig Regulations Attract More Juvenile Interest

Chelsea March 10, 2014 0

Regulators incessantly push ecig regulations that will prohibit advertising and sale of the questioned products. Some of the proposed policies are excessive, but lawmakers justify these by claiming they merely want to protect the children.

Setting aside the real agendas of legislators in shoving overreaching rules on ecigs, it seems as though the more they keep ecigs away from children, the more these children become interested at vaping. Children will always be children and their nature will always lead them to explore especially the things that adults forbid to them.

Excessive Ecig Regulations Making Ecigs More Attractive

An excellent example for this is the recent advertisement of Vype ecigarettes in the UK. This advert has been criticized and accused of making ecigs cool. The commercial features a pair of young man and woman in their early 20s. They were shown at night on the street. Surely, this inarguably makes ecigs cool.

However, the ad adheres to the current rules on advertising ecigarettes in the UK. Policy makers said that the ecig product cannot be shown in the commercial. There must also be no direct health claims in it and virtually nothing definitive is to be said about the ecig.

Thus, advertisers were forced to create and use slick image advertising that many people would describe as foul. Yet, it is actually the extreme ecigarette regulations that cause such actions to be done. In order to comply with the requirements of the policies, the Vype commercial was created that essentially made the product to look not just cool, but also mysterious. If it was only allowed for the ecigarette to be shown on the commercial, it would not have this effect.

Kids love mysteries and solve mysteries. When you ban something from them, the more they will be interested to find out why something is taboo for them. If they see this commercial, their interests will surely be aroused. More than being cool, teenagers and kids are hungry for knowledge and understanding about the world they live in.

Difficult To Stand Out

Ecig companies could certainly try making their products to look cool. However, the ecig market is like a sea of numerous ecigarette brands. What regulators fail to realize is that news media, public service announcements, political debate and other bad publicity about ecigs only spread further awareness about vaping. In fact, bad publicity further awakens and stirs the interest of kids on electronic cigarettes.

In the US, cities, universities and schools are highlighting and banning ecig use, especially by teenagers. Some teens follow while many still choose to defy the adults by trying to vape. The curiosity of these young people is awakened instead of making them follow what adults tell them to do.

Some years ago, a market research was done. Back then, ecigs were not yet so seriously considered by lawmakers. This market research found that most teenagers think that ecigs look silly they were not interested. If they were to start using nicotine, they would rather smoke real cigarettes than use an electronic cigarette.

Now, ecigarettes have gained popularity that regulators want to put a stop to the trend. They impose rule here and regulations there. Anti-smoking fanatics claim that vaping is similar to smoking so it should be outlawed.

Smoking cigarettes in public has been outlawed and heavily opposed for years. Yet, there are still a lot of young people who start to smoke at young and tender ages. Officials argue that ecigs are gateway to smoking; but there are no evidences to prove it.

Regulations and restrictions imposed on ecigs are mostly based on ungrounded allegations. Regulators seem to have a mindset that considers young people as incapable of thinking and making proper decisions. Yet, kids are smart to realize that this propaganda against ecigs is only fear-mongering. It is in their nature to discover and to explore. When they reach their late teens and discover they are being lied to, the more they would think of ways to seek for the truth even if it means they will break the rules.

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