Energy Shisha: Vaping With A Kick Of Caffeine

Chelsea November 29, 2013 0

Energy Shisha is what you exactly need if you want to top off your vaping experience with caffeine. If an energy drink gives you power in each gulp, this will energize you in each puff.

One device can last to make 300 puffs or equivalent to about 15 cans of energy drink if one can has 20 puffs. It will certainly fight off your fatigue and tiredness and boost your performance.

You can purchase Energy Shisha online or from clubs and bars. It is styled with a sophisticated design, making it an essential product that can conveniently deliver you the kick of caffeine in each puff.

How It Works

Once the package is received, unwrap it and hold the device. The purple tip is what you should place in your mouth where you should inhale from. Inhale for three seconds to enjoy a caffeine infused vapor. Be careful not to inhale more than 20 times within a span of one hour to avoid possible caffeine overdose.

This shisha is sugar and nicotine free. Ingredients contained are glycerol, propylene glycol, exclusive flavoring, taurine and 0.3%/ml caffeine.

This product should not be used by anyone below 18 years of age or by any pregnant/breast feeding women. Although it contains no nicotine, it still has caffeine contents so it must be used with caution.

The Energy Shisha

Each product costs £6.99 and comes with an energy drink flavor. Each device has white crystal tip.

You may also purchase it in multi pack for £74.99 where one would only cost £6.24. There is also a Micro Shisha version you can avail. It is the smallest and the first caffeine infused electronic shisha in the entire world.

It may be small, but the quality is definitely superior. Each puff you take from it will enhance your sensory activity and will increase your alertness. One micro shisha is worth £3.99. This 71 mm long device can produce 1756 puffs

There is also an eGo ecig kit you can purchase. This is a tank system device that was developed to be specifically filled with the shisha juice infused with caffeine.

With this kit, you would even have a longer lasting, easy and rechargeable device to use for vaping your caffeine. It has three times the battery performance of the standard shisha sticks.

One kit is worth £14.99 and contains 650mAh battery, CE4 clearomizer, and USB charger.

To use it, fill the CE4 clearomizer with e-liquid first. You can use a syringe or you may pour the liquid straight from its bottle. Be sure not to place the liquid in the central hole, but on the outer hole only. The central hole is meant for air flow. Be sure also not to screw too tightly.

Once the CE4 clearomizer is filled with e-liquid, it can be attached to the battery already. Once set up is complete, look for the LED button which you need to press to activate the battery.

In charging the battery, the first or initial charge must be for 8 hours. Even if you already see the green light on, do not unplug. Wait until 8 hours of charging is completed. After 8 hours, use the battery for 20 minutes and then recharge again for 1 whole hour.

On your next charge, keep the battery plugged for 3 full hours.

Product Delivery

This product is offered for shipping via Royal Mail. The free economy postage will take 2-4 days before product is delivered. This free delivery is available only to orders within the UK.

If you would like to receive the package faster, you may opt for paid shipping services. Pay £2.5 for Royal Mail first class service to receive package within 2 days. This fee already includes posting proof, delivery signature and online confirmation. If the package is lost or not delivered, a replacement will be sent after 15 days.

Pay £6.20 for the next day, by 1 PM trackable shipping. This offers guaranteed next day delivery if you place the order before 4 PM of the previous day. This comes with electronic delivery proof and online tracking. Within 72 hours, you will receive a replacement for lots or undelivered parcel.

Pay £9.5 for Saturday delivery if you ordered before 1 PM on a Friday. Worldwide and other European locations are offered International Post or Next Day Courier services. Within Europe, expect package up to 5 days. Worldwide deliveries like in North America and Asia Pacific normally take up to 10 days. Fixed prices for 10 kilos are £7 for Europe and £10 for worldwide destinations.

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