Eliquid Flavors Of Bull Smoke Cartridges

Chelsea October 30, 2013 0

Some smokers like only the original tobacco flavors, while others get out of their comfort zones to discover other fantastic vapor tastes.  Whichever you are from these 2 groups, you are certainly going to find the flavor you are looking for from Bull Smoke Cartridges.

American Ranger did a nice job in imitating the full bodied flavor of a Virginia Tobacco leaf.  It might not come close to the real authentic flavor of an American tobacco because it has its own distinct quality of sweet hints in order to deliver smooth vaping experience.

Turkish Tobacco is Bull Smoke’s version of tobacco from the Middle East.  Indeed, this complex and warm flavor was captured by Bull Smoke. Thus, you might even align it among your favorite Turkish tobacco favorites.

Refined Blend is another tobacco option from Bull Smoke cartridges.  It is described as smooth and distinct by the vendor and they probably put more emphasis on the distinct side.  Vaping it, you can definitely sense the tobacco taste, but it is overshadowed by another zest that you simply cannot put into words. Thus, it is distinctive.

Menthol Breeze could be great for those vaping a menthol flavored liquid for the first time. It lacks the kick that other cool menthol juices offer.

Peppermint Ice is similar to the case of Menthol Ice.  For menthol vapers looking for the cool and refreshing force of mint, there are other similar flavors out there to enjoy.

Coffee Roast might not give you the full awakening effect of caffeine, but coffee’s robust hit is assured to reach your taste buds and lungs.

Sweet Vanilla is like Coffee Roast that you can enjoy on a regular basis.  Vaping it is like vaping a creamy vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate Treat fell short in executing the mouthwatering, indulgent and luxurious taste of chocolate.  It gives some chocolate hint, but not enough to give you the satisfaction from vaping a creamy chocolate bar.

With Cherry Blast, do not set too high expectations just because of the word ‘blast’. Nonetheless, it still offers a cherry zest in each puff; although not in an explosive effect.  Finally, Grape Escape is one flavor that Bull Smoke gave justice to.  Unlike other vendors whose grape e-juices seem so full of chemicals, this one taste naturally of grapes.

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