Electronic Cigarettes: Poor Choices To Look Cool

Chelsea February 14, 2014 0

In an online piece by Meg Zukin, a TV, radio and film major freshman, she mentioned about electronic cigarettes being used by youths as poor alternative to look cool.

Smoking Starts With Being Cool

Teenagers are known for their adventurous attitude. It is also at this stage of their lives when they are heavily influenced by their peers. Many teenagers would agree on doing something they know is not good for them because of peer pressure. They want to feel the sense of belongingness with their friends so they try drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and even trying illegal drugs.

Attracted By The Smoking Glamor

According to Zukin, this is a modern age when almost everyone knows how detrimental tobacco smoking is. Yet, today’s youth is not particularly concerned about developing cancer or dying young. Young people of today are more after the sexy image and glamour of smoking.

She mentioned about ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Sex and the City’, shows that New York Times has cited, which glamorize smoking. Young, wealthy, well-dressed and well-educated adults, she said are featured on the screen and influence both young and middle-aged people.

Electronic Cigarettes Accepted In Society

The CDC announced that smoking rate among teenagers decreases while ecig use is increasing. Zukin said that the youth is not drawn or addicted to tobacco, but to the glamour and sophistication of cigarettes.

Ecigarettes are promoted as better cigarette alternatives, although their safety is not determined and their contents are not regulated. Like other critic of ecigarettes, the young journalist also accused ecigs of possibly luring kids to smoking.

She stated that ecig juices come in delicious flavors that entice children. This is a misconception that vaping advocates are trying to make clear. Flavors help vapers sustain their goals to keep away from smoking and continue vaping instead. It is not only children who would love sweet and delicious flavors, but also former smokers who are gradually recovering their ability to taste.

She also mentioned of a 2009 FDA study that assessed earlier version of the device, some of which were found with carcinogen and toxin traces. There were also supposed zero-nicotine cartridges that were found to still dispense nicotine albeit small amounts.

She said that ecig vapors have effects similar to secondhand smoke because of the concentrated nicotine in vapors. There is no current federal regulation on eigarettes so no one will be held accountable for whatever harms vaping can do to smokers.

The lack of regulations is what causes the stir, the debate and the heated discussions about electronic cigarettes. With no regulations, some corrupt makers and manufacturers could sell substandard devices and products that many people will be tempted to buy because they are cheap.

This is the reason that many members of the vaping industry are also supporting regulations that will help ensure that products in the market follow certain quality standards.

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Zukin, however, did not mention in her piece that some crooked vendors uncaringly sell ecigs to children and teenagers. This is also another issue that the vaping industry would like to be addressed so they support age restriction policies on ecigarettes.

Potential To Save Lives

She recognizes that ecigs have the capability to save lives. Many former smokers, in fact, attribute their smoke cessation success to electronic cigarettes. The devices deliver nicotine to the users without burning anything.

She concluded her article by saying that ecigs were intended for adult smokers to use as aid in their attempts to quit smoking. She said that these devices were not meant for high school students to use as their status symbols. She said she believes in allowing everyone to choose, but she thinks that vaping an ecigarettes is a pointless way to look cool.

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