Electronic Cigarettes Lack The Appeal Of Real Cigarettes

Chelsea January 10, 2014 0

Electronic cigarettes have a hazy appeal, something that cannot be compared to the charm of real cigarettes. Such was the account made by the Dispatch Life columnist in one of his articles.

He predicted that electronic cigarettes will not become glamorous like cigarettes this year of 2014. According to him, a grown-up vaper or someone who uses the faux cigarette with a red glowing tip appears like a six-year old kid playing with his light saber toy.

Vaping is an act that ecig users use to refer to the act of using the devices. This is because they are inhaling and exhaling vapors instead of smoke. The devices contain a battery that supplies power to the heating element, which in turn creates vapor from the e-liquid in the cartridge.

Some of the products were made to look like real cigarettes. Manufacturers claim that this is for providing smokers the familiarity of smoking so they will be more motivated to switch. There are also devices that come in bodies with greater length and bigger diameters. They vaguely resemble the cordless screwdrivers.

Sexy As Cigarettes

It is still up for debate whether these instruments will do harm or good. Yet, anti-smoking groups fear that these ecigarettes will lure young people into the unwanted addiction because they are as sexy as real cigarettes.

These anti-ecig people use a lot of arguments to liken the digital smoking apparatus to the analog smoking products. One particular area where they have found numerous arguments to use is in ecig marketing. According to them, electronic cigarette companies are now using the same tactics that tobacco companies have used to promote cigarettes before.

Ecig companies are accused of using Celebrity Spokespeople in their advertisements. Ecig ads are so much like the old cigarette ads on TV, print and online ads that feature celebrity endorsers and catchy slogans. Blu Cigs has Stephen Dorff and Jenny McCarthy while Njoy has Courtney Love.

Rugged men along with glamorous women are also seen on the printed ecig adverts on magazines and newspaper. Companies providing electronic cigarettes are also said to use the power of sex to sell their products by making ads sexually attractive.

Sponsorship to sport activities and music festivals are said to have been used by tobacco companies before that ecig companies also venture on these days. Kids are known to take interest in sports and music so anti-ecig parties are saying that these places and event have no place for the smoking lookalike products.

Ecigs are available in delicious flavors that also attract more kids than adults, they claim. Companies of ecigarettes also use cartoons, which is another accusation for luring the young. Ecig ads also tell smokers to switch rather than to quit.

Not Glamorous At All

While the columnist’s description of ecigarettes in his article might be considered too humiliating for the category; on another perspective, his statements could also be beneficial for ecigs.

He said that he does not think if these controversial products will really make smoking obsolete. As for sexiness, he does not think that ecigs are as alluring as cigarettes are.

He wondered why smoking was even thought of as sexy. Quite a lot of movies and films depicted sexy smoking scenes that probably helped in establishing the connection between smoking and sexiness.

He figured that sexiness was attributed to fire, which is fascinating and dangerous at the same time. Fire kept our ancestors alive, he said. Seeing someone elegantly and casually playing with fire probably stirred something in people’s genes, he added.

All in all, the writer never even thinks (even the slightest) that vaping would be as fascinating and thrilling as real tobacco cigarettes. In a way, his article seemed to say that vaping will not make it big like smoking, which should give regulators and prohibitionists the reason to give ecigarettes a break from the hot seat of debate.

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