Electronic Cigarettes Effective Tools When Transitioning Off Tobacco

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Logic Technology, provider of finest electronic cigarettes, has funded a study that aimed to determine if the devices can serve as effective tools to reduce tobacco use.  This expanded clinical study has apparently concluded and the results were announced by the company.

Electronic Cigarette Effectiveness Study

Distinguished figure in his field, Psychiatrist Keith Ablow was the one who conducted this study on the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes in reducing tobacco consumption.  What Dr. Ablow found was that these modern devices do have the ability to help a smoker effectively transition off the tobacco cigarettes.

Researches of this kind are what opponents and critics of electronic cigarettes demand for.  Despite numerous former smokers attesting that the devices really helped them cut off their cigarette consumption, the enemies are still doubtful because they say that there are no scientific studies and facts to support this claim.

Dr. Ablow’s study spanned over a three-month course. At the end of this analysis, it was concluded that 70% of the participants have actually stopped their tobacco smoking habit.  This clinical analysis, therefore, gives insights that a bigger national research be performed under the financial backing of the government.

The government, if being true to its responsibility of protecting and working for the health and welfare of its citizens must allot money to verify effectiveness of electronic cigarettes in saving people’s lives from deadly and detrimental effects of tobacco. You might want to try other brands of electronic cigarettes. Check out the list of promos for ecigs right now.

How The Study Was Conducted

The doctor offered the participating traditional tobacco smokers with ten disposable regular or menthol flavored electronic cigarettes.  He tracked and monitored the experiences of the participants.

Participating smokers were likewise periodically asked during the study period of three months concerning their tobacco cigarette consumption and electronic cigarette usage.  When the 90-day period was over, 70% of these smokers have said their tobacco consumption was completely eliminated.

Of those participants who halted tobacco use, 47% also reported that they stopped using even the electronic cigarette so they became completely smoke-free at the trial period’s end.

Sixty percent of the remaining participants said that their tobacco usage has significantly reduced. Two participants, however, reported to have stopped on using the electronic device and decided to just continue with their tobacco product usage.

Dr. Ablow said that he is thrilled with these results that further convinced him about the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes as anti-tobacco tool.  Of all the tools available, these devices might actually be the most effective, despite many prohibitionists opposing them.

He added that this sample only reinforces the argument for the government to accept and credit electronic cigarettes. For the sole purpose of public health interest, national institutes of health must quickly fund larger studies to determine if the same results will come up.  They must also perform and fund large-scale studies that will find out of people switching to electronic cigarettes will quit on smoking cigarettes, but also other forms and products of tobacco.

Words From Logic Technology

Logic’s newly appointed president, Miguel Martin, state that this is such as decisive moment not only for the company, but also for the whole industry and adult smokers.  The results of the study and those of other recent studies about electronic cigarettes significantly indicate that the government must back thorough and careful examination of the products because they are obviously beneficial to public health.  Afterward, the government must disseminate accurate information for the consumer’s education.

About Logic Technology

Products offered by this company are premium and of superior quality that are sure to be enjoyed by adult smokers.  Martin said that they like their clients, their trade partners and the general public to understand just what electronic cigarettes are, comprehensively and scientifically. Everyone deserves to know the distinguishing qualities between electronic and traditional cigarettes.

There are disposable and reusable, rechargeable products offered by Logic. Consumers can buy them from Logic’s website or from convenience stores.

About Dr. Keith Ablow

He serves as Fox News psychiatry expert and also works as a contributing editor for Good Housekeeping.  He was the executive producer of The Dr. Keith Ablow Show whom he also hosted. This show appeared on various well-known programs like Larry King Live, The O’Reilly Factor, Good Morning America, Today Show and Oprah Winfrey Show.  Get to know more about Dr. Ablow and his credentials from his website, www.keithablow.com.

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