Electronic Cigarette Efficiency Bothers Big Pharma

Chelsea June 30, 2014 0

Financed by the Cancer Research UK charity, University College London was able to successfully complete a landmark 5-year, cross sectional survey that confirmed electronic cigarette efficiency over conventional Nicotine Replacement Therapy products like gums and patches.

Spelling Trouble For Big Pharma

This is perhaps making Big Pharma worried, said Mark Benson (Spinfuel’ contributing author) and his though is most likely shared by other ecig supporters out there. Many smokers know that pharmaceutical cessation products like NRTs hardly help smokers in their attempt to quit smoking. Many of them have tried NRTs and other methods in the past just to put a stop to the dangerous habit; but failed several times. They though quitting is already impossible until they discovered electronic cigarettes.

Now these people who were able to finally say goodbye to smoking conventional cigarettes are advocating and introducing ecigarettes to other smokers out there.

Various health and anti-smoking groups have been seriously opposing ecigarettes. They say that the devices have not been tested, approved and promoted as smoke cessation tools by the FDA. Even though they have been persuading smokers to drop the habit of smoking for years, they decided to tell everyone that vaping is not a good idea and smokers who like to quit should only use approved methods.

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What To Expect

The force behind opposition to ecigarettes was initially thought to have come from Big Tobacco. Yet, it seems not sensible for tobacco companies to oppose ecigarettes since many of them have also individual ventures with ecigarette products.

Further analysis and occurrences revealed that it is indeed Big Pharmaceutical companies that are pushing the fight against electronic cigarettes. It is because ecigs directly compete with their pharmaceutical NRTs and smoke cessation drugs that hardly work in makig a smoker stop his/her habit.

The results of the survey can also give people the idea about what will come next and from whom negative reaction will come. The survey showed that those who use ecigarettes to quit have 60% more success at cessation than those who use patches and/or gums. Clearly, it is a battle between ecigarettes and products that Big Pharma produces.

In the following days, everyone could expect comments such as the survey was quite small and more polls or studies should be performed before the results are accepted as true. In fact, all forms of criticisms and propaganda could be expected to happen in the next few days. Regardless what criticisms are thrown at the survey and its authors, there is one thing that is most likely possible; opposition will mainly come from the Big Pharma’s camp.

Perhaps, it will not actually be the pharmaceutical companies that will take center stage in this battle. It would most likely be public health groups that receive grants and funds from pharmaceutical companies.

One excellent example is the American Lung Association that regularly receives grants and funds from Pfizer. ALA’s opposition to ecigs is not new. It has been actively fighting to take the products off the market. It has been urging the FDA to stop the distribution and sale of ecigs in the market.

ALA said that it is committed to helping every American smoker who wishes to break the habit of smoking. Ecigs that clearly help smokers stop cigarette consumption are not welcome to the ALA because the devices are in direct competition with the products made by its financer.

people thought that groups like ALA are merely being sincere in their service and concern for the public. Yet, just a little research has revealed what its true intention in fighting ecigs is.

With this new study out, it would no longer be surprising if Big Pharma and the groups under its financial authority will be making negative reactions. As more smokers find that pharmaceutical cessation products will only work well with the assistance from health care experts, the more that Big Pharma might feel threatened. These smokers will certainly feel that ecigs are not just viable substitutes for fags; but also sustainable and referable smoke cessation option.

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