Ecigs: Good For Smokers Evil For Prohibitionists

Chelsea October 21, 2013 0

Electronic cigarettes or ecigs for short are gaining a mix of reactions and levels of acceptance from society.  Smokers think they are good because they help them get away from cigarettes effectively.  Yet, they are not warmly accepted by prohibitionists who claim that electronic cigarettes are not guaranteed effective and not proven safe.

Helping Smokers Quit

All smokers are aware about the detrimental effects of tobacco smoking, but the addiction is so strong that even if they like and work to quit, success seems next to impossible.

A heavy smoker for three decades, John Marotto is one of the hundreds of smokers who also tried quitting a number of times, but failed.  However, Marotto achieved his goal with ecigs.

In the past, he used to consume up to three packs of cigarettes each day. Even in the middle of the night, he would wake up to light up and puff. In the morning, he will smoke again while drinking his coffee.

One good reason for his smoke cessation was when he had a grandson. Another eye opener for him was when he washed his walls and saw the entire brown smoke residue.

Now, for five years, Marotto would go to Melbourne from Vero Beach every week to buy his ecigs refill.  He buys his stuff from Premium Electronic Cigarettes in Renningers Flea & Farmers Market.

Hundreds Of Participating Companies In The Market

The emerging market of ecigarettes now has over 200 companies vying against one another in catering to the growing needs of vapers.

This market has surpassed its $1 billion predicted value recently and may overtake traditional cigarettes after ten years as more and more analog smokers are being converted to electronic smokers.

Object Of Controversy

Cigarettes, both traditional and electronic are objects of controversy. Using an electronic device looks very much like smoking an old fashioned cigarette.  Thus, non-smokers who are aware of the anti-smoking rules and are not accustomed to seeing smoking in public have been questioning why vaping is allowed in public.

Some countries and cities are actually prohibiting them, considering them as real cigarettes. Establishments are left to their own devices in formulating vaping rules.

Increasing Awareness Through Studies

The public is becoming increasingly aware about ecigs through health studies, with the most recent whose results were only published a few days ago. From the findings, it was concluded that the devices are effective like nicotine patches in helping a smoker to quit.

Another study conducted in Drexel University in Pennsylvania found that the ecigarette chemicals are not posing health risks to bystanders or users.

Still, other studies are also worthy of being acknowledged such as one from CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that showed more kids from high school and middle school who are using the device.

FDA Regulations To Come Out Next Month

In 2010, the FDA lost in a federal court case when the court said it cannot regulate electronic cigarettes as medicines, but as tobacco products.  This coming October, the agency is expected to release and announced its proposed regulations on ecigarettes, three years after the court ruling.

Ecigs Offer Zero Nicotine

Like traditional cigarettes that offer certain levels of nicotine, electronic alternatives also offer varying amounts of this substance. Yet, unlike regular cigarettes that all have nicotine, ecigarettes come with non-nicotine variants.

At the Premium Electronic Cigarettes where Marotto buys his supplies, customers need to be 18 years old before they could enter.  The store manager Ellen Faller is also a former smoker who started smoking when she was 12 and continued smoking for the next 50 years of her life.

Now, faller is using a pink device. Both Marotto and Faller are proud about their achievement not only in leaving smoking behind, but on cutting down nicotine levels. They are now puffing non-nicotine solutions.  You can also try Blu Cigs ecigarettes. Check out our detailed Blu Cigs Review for more details.

Better Life From Vaping

Marotto said with a smile that changing his smoking habit to electronic vaping gave him a better life. He can now work in the yard noticing his stamina to have increased.

Faller, meanwhile, said her breath smells fresher and added that her husband does not need to kiss her as if she were an ashtray.

Another aspect that smokers like about ecigs is that they are cheaper. However, if vaping has been tolerated in almost all places before; now, there are some establishments that disallow vaping inside their premises.  In some restaurants and places, they are prohibited, but in most places, they are allowed because they produce no offensive and bothersome smoke. Get the latest ecig news and reviews only exclusive here!

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