Ecigarette Opposition Driven By Phony Public Health Interest

Chelsea February 28, 2014 0

Dr. Gilbert Ross, American Council on Science and Health Medical and Executive Director wrote a recent piece wherein he discussed that ecigarette opposition is not honestly driven by public health interest, but by cryonism instead.

Cigarette smoking is a destructive, but preventable public health issue in West, he said. About one billion lives, according to the World Health Organization, would be claimed this century if the smoking trend is not stopped.

Many tactics have already been done to address this issue, but the past few years of efforts show that these efforts are starting to go produce no good results. With the availability of electronic cigarettes considered as potential public health miracle, all that the professed public health experts can contribute is to defiant ecigarette opposition.

New York and Chicago has recently banned ecigarettes and now, Los Angeles is joining the wagon to threaten the public health. Public health officials insist that ecigs must be treated as real cigarettes. They claim this is for the protection of the youth against secondhand smoke.

Ungrounded Concerns

In Ross’ article, he mentioned there are no basis for these theoretical concerns of officials, several studies by academic experts have evaluated ecigs and confirmed that ecig vapors produce to harms and risks to anyone. Ecigs bans are overstretched that they will only result to the relapse of ex-smokers (now vapers) as they will be consigned outside where current smokers are.

In order to insist what they want, prohibitionists attempt to change the definition of tobacco and smoking in the current policies. However, ecigarettes have no nicotine and they do not emit smoke.

These regulatory measures are slaps of tyranny by the capricious and illogical lawmakers, the doctor said. He added that there could be collateral damages to rule of law and public health from the actions of lawmakers in redefining long established words just to suit their needs and agendas.

Refusing To Accept Ecigs

Millions of Americans are now using electronic cigarettes. Most of these vapers are actually former smokers who have either want to cut down cigarette consumption or to switch to a less harmful alternative. The more smokers turn to ecigs, the more cigarette sales will plunge.

Instead of rejoicing because a potential tobacco game ender has come, the public health officials reject and refuse ecigarettes. They even warn against the use of ecigs and disseminate misinformation about the devices to cause scare people away from ecigarettes. They firmly promote that smokers use FDA approved cessation aids even though studies show these approved means in quitting smoking can produce very low success rates. Their message to smokers is to choose between quitting and dying.

More Effective Ecigs

It is obvious why ecigs are more effective than the approved smoke cessation aids; yet officials remain to be blind and deaf. Vaping allows smokers to obtain nicotine like the way NRTs can also offer. Yet, vaping addresses other aspects of smoking that give smokers a sense of familiarity that makes quitting a lot easier.

Accusations Thrown At Ecigs

They accuse ecig companies to have a main goal of attracting young consumers because they are sold in delicious flavors. Yet, this accusation is complete lack of common sense and imagination. On Ross’ HelpingAddictedSmokers Facebook page, he said that there are 33,000 heartwarming anecdotes from numerous indebted firmer smokers who say that adults also love delicious and novel flavors. After all, their taste buds are resurrected when they switch to vaping and dump cigarette smoking. There is a low rate of vaping found even by the teen tobacco survey of the CDC.

Towards the end of the article, the doctor mentioned that outdoor vaping ban is a clear power grab by the lawmakers that they try to justify or hide through phony public health interest. Pervasive ecigarette opposition by local agencies and CDC is evident of the deceitful desire to continue collecting revenues from cigarette taxes. Propaganda warning on ecigs by the ALA and other heath associations are inspired by the financial support they get from Big Pharma.

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