Ecigarette Ban To Minors, Ecigs For Adults Only

Chelsea April 14, 2014 0

Legislators and even the electronic cigarette industry firmly believe that ecigarette ban to minors is necessary to be put in place because the products are meant only for adults. Thus, legislators in almost every US state are proposing, considering and passing legislation that will outlaw the products to the youths.

In Louisiana

The state Senate in LA State has recently advanced a legislation that will impose ecigarette ban to minors. No youth aged below 18 years old would be allowed to buy the said products.

According to Senator Rick Gallot, the nicotine-based products must be prohibited from children because of the possible negative effects of nicotine on their health. Cigarettes and other tobacco products are already banned to minors, but kids are still getting nicotine through and from the electronic cigarettes. He added that the law has not yet kept up with the smoking technology.

Senator Barrow Peacock, meanwhile remarked that even though the industry claims they do not market to children, there is nothing written on the book that will legally bind them. In fact, many unscrupulous vendors and sellers are already taking advantage of the lack of legal restrictions on selling the products to children.

Gallot’s Senate Bill 12 was approved by the Senate Judiciary C Committee. The bill would soon be shipped to the Senate where actions will be taken. The panel amended this bill to include a section saying that a vapor pen or a vapor stick is allowed to be used in administering medications.

Senator Bodi White remarked that he knows many individuals who use ecigs in order to cut down or quit smoking. Gallot explained that the bill does not intend to stop those adults using the products as means to stop smoking. The bill only restricts the sale of ecigs to minors because of their contained nicotine.

According to Tonia Moore from Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco Free Living, more youths are actually now using the vaporizing devices. One probable reason is because ecigs are not regulated and a lot of parents, schools and even the youths are complaining about them.

The measure has received support from Oschner Health, Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians and more.

In Florida

Giving or selling electronic cigarettes to minors is now illegal according to the approved bill by the Senate in Florida. Through a unanimous vote, the bill was passed without any debate or argument. The bill essentially adds ecigs to the law forbidding tobacco products from the youth.

Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto sponsored this bill. She called electronic cigarettes as dangerous products. Through her bill, the children will be kept healthier. Another similar bill in the Florida House is up for another committee consideration before it could get floor vote.

In Iowa

A bill on ecigarette ban to minor has also been approved by the legislative panel in Iowa. It received unanimous vote in the Snate Human Resources Committee and is now being considered on Senate floor.

The bill includes clear definition of what an electronic cigarette is along with a provision that restricts any person aged below 18 years old from using or buying the devices. The committee likewise adopted an amendment that restricts retailers. Permits are also required for selling the instruments. The bill likewise includes prohibition for giving out free samples outlawing the availability of ecigarettes in vending machines.

In Iowa, there are no current ecig sale restrictions. Ecigs are primarily marketed to adult smokers as alternative products. Many adult smokers consider them as probable cessation tools. However, the products are also becoming quite popular among teenagers and adolescents.

Senator William Dotzler explained that a ban implementation will importantly ensure youths in Iowa could be prevented from nicotine addiction. Senator Joe Bolkom stated that there is no evidence proving ecigs are useful cessation tools.

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