Ecig Troubleshooting: Center Post Connection

Chelsea January 9, 2014 0

Not only beginners encounter some issues in vaping. Even veteran ecig users also need to learn about ecig troubleshooting as they can encounter some problems with their gears and devices such as center post connection.

Center Post Connection

The center post could be the cause of a problem when both battery and atomizer are properly working, yet no vapor is produced.  There will also be instances when the atomizer works with just batter.

Both the atomizer and the battery need to have negative and positive connection to the threaded connector.  It is through the center post that a positive connection is made while the threads outside provide the negative connection.

A rubber ring separates the two from one another and this is where a problem usually comes from.  The rubber ring is flexible so the center post is sometimes pushed down very far to make contact with the atomizer’s center post.  Same thing can happen to the atomizer center post.

Every time it is screwed onto the battery, the center post is pushed a little inward. With this, even a combination that used to work well can lose proper connection.

This issue, fortunately, can be resolved by slightly pulling out the center pin from either component.

Before Adjusting Center Post

Prior to making the adjustments on the center post, it is best to first check if the atomizer and battery are operational.  Try using the battery with another atomizer and the atomizer with another battery.  This will allow you to determine if the two are indeed properly working.

A better method of checking is through the use of a multimeter.  This electronic tool is a must-have for any ecigarette user.  There are cheap multimeters that can be bought from general stores and hardware stores.

The multimeter has a DCV or DC Voltage function that you can use to check whether the battery is producing the correct amount of voltage when you press the button of an ecig. Checking is done by placing one probe on the outer threads while the other probe is placed on the center post.

Take care not to touch the center post and thread with one probe as this will cause battery short.

A multimeter also has a 200 ohm function for checking the resistance of the atomizer.  Touch the center post with one probe and the outside thread with the other probe.  You should be able to get a reading from 1.5 ohms to 5.0 ohms depending on the resistance of your used atomizer. No change on the display means that the atomizer is already dysfunctional. If you get very high resistance, it means that the device has shorted and could also cause the battery to short.


Ecig Troubleshooting

Prying On The Center Post

If both the battery and atomizer are found in good working condition, it is time to work on the center post. You would need a paper clip or something similar to insert into the hole of the atomizer.

Move the center post back and forth very gently to pry it out.  Yu might see a groove in the center of some cartomizers and think that it is probably made for use with flathead screwdrivers. However, make sure you do not work on this groove to rotate the center post or the connection will be broken.

If there is no center hole, pry from the outside edge of the post.  Take care not to cause damage to the silicon ring.  The same steps and approach might work on the battery.

When working with the battery, be careful not to press the button as you pry the center post.

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