Ecig Business Is For Young And Old Entrepreneurs

Chelsea October 7, 2013 0

Ecig business is one that has been acclaimed for its fast growth, despite being on its infancy stage. Its worth has already surpassed the $1 billion projection for this year. More and more tobacco smokers becoming vapers, this commerce is still expected to grow.  Young, yet very promising is this ecig business that a lot of entrepreneurs from possibly all age groups of adult smokers are eyeing at its lucrative promise.

Elkin’s Youngest Entrepreneur

In Elkin, North Carolina is found The Tapering Vapor, an electronic cigarette store that recently opened. It is owned by the 19-year old Wyatt Smith from State Road.  Smith is most likely the youngest among all entrepreneurs in Elkin who ventured the ecig business.

The store’s sign is tapered at the end and Smith said that it is a creative name.

The grand opening of the store was mainly announced via Facebook only, but the number of people who went and bought products during the opening day was certainly overwhelming.

Smith grew up in Elkin, attended Elkin High for a while and was later homeschooled. He also went to college for some time, but stopped because of his desire to open a business of his own.

When he opened The Tapering Vapor, he only had with him a business plan he created by himself, his electronic cigarette product and reliable support from his parents.  He worked to find a budget location for the store. There were bigger and better places that he found, but practicality dictated.

Smith believes that the electronic cigarette devices available in his store are great alternatives for people who are addicted to the nicotine substance.  They contain no tobacco and his store allows the customer to choose if their liquid will have nicotine or not.

His own parents were smokers who made the switch to electronic cigarettes pretty easily. Ginger, Wyatt’s mother, said she started with 2.4 mg of nicotine, but she is now using 1.8 mg.  Ginger is a teacher in school and she helps his son in his store during her lunch break.

With this, he realized just how great the market potential of the ecig business is. The closest store is still in King and the distance between his store and that other shop gives him an edge. Kits that already include a charger is sold in Tapering Vapor at $50.

The most popular demographic of customers served by his store is the age range of 20-40. Yet, there are also some customers aged 60 and up who also purchase products from Smith.  Part of the ecig business success is how one would encourage a smoker to realize that electronic cigarettes are better than traditional tobacco.

Veterans From Idaho On Their Ecig Business

Two veterans who went home from their one year deployment to Iraq decided to open Idaho Vape.  Daniel Nelson and Cameron Busch were both former smokers and they started this ecig business to make the device more accessible to servicemen like them and the rest of the Southeast Idaho community.

Busch said that he tried patches and pills to quit smoking before. These approved aids worked for him, but only for a short while. He found a better cessation option from using electronic cigarettes. Now, it has been 12 months since he last lit a real cigarette. He said he has noticed a huge difference in his health ever since. Now, he can taste his foods and he can breathe a lot better.

Nelson said that the devices are great help in getting off the cigarettes; their store offers four different nicotine levels.  A starter kit is available for only $30.

Switching to vaping is also friendlier on the budget as it will only cost $7 per bottle of e-liquid that can last a whole week; while one pack of cigarettes at $6 can be consumed in only one day. For V2 Cigs coupons, click this link.

In Idaho Vape, the two veterans said that customers can sample more than 33 flavors of liquids offered.

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