Ecig Battery Knowledge For Exploding Ecig Issues

Chelsea March 7, 2014 0

Ecig battery is the life of electronic cigarettes. It is a critical ecigarette component that every vaper needs to understand because knowing how to handle/charge batteries will help in safeguarding one’s safety and welfare.

Lots of stories are featured in the newspapers these days that tell about previous and recent ecig explosions. Save Ecigs movement said that it sends out a copy of a letter to newspapers featuring these stories in order to make the necessary corrections that explosions are not electronic cigarette issues, but battery problems.

Battery In All Electronic Devices

An ecig battery is like the batteries of other electronic gadgets like tablets and mobile phones that are made with lithium ion. Consumers should be aware that all these battery powered devices have potential risks. Cell phones could explode if used while charging. Even TV remote controls can also explode. The most important thing here is that consumers of electronic products need to understand about the batteries they use so their ignorance will not be a wick to their perils. It is not just the shape, size and brands of batteries that different from one another. There are other components about these batteries that are worth knowing.

Battery Numbers

You might have noticed that batteries have numbers, but did not give it some serious thinking. These numbers are related to the size of the battery measured in mm. The first two numbers refer to the diameter while the next two digits refer to the length. Thus, an 18650 battery has a diameter measuring 18 mm and a length of 65 mm.

Battery Rating

The rating is measured in mAh or milliamp hour. It is the amount of energy stored in the cell. The higher the mAh, the greater amount of potential energy can be converted in vaping.

Battery Chargers

Batteries and chargers should be perfectly matched. It is crucial to use chargers that are recommended for use with the batteries by the ecig vendor or battery manufacturer. Accidents and explosions are usually caused by charging batteries using chargers that do not match the technical specifications of the batteries. If you have multiple types of batteries, it is wise to invest on high quality multi-chargers.

The charger should be able to charge the battery with the appropriate input voltage. Despite being able to use a charger with capacity lower that the battery (although your battery will be undercharged), you cannot and must not charge a battery with capacity lower than the charger. Battery venting, explosions and fires could result. Chargers have nothing to do with the chemistry of batteries as long as the voltage specifications are met.

Battery Chemistry

This aspect affects the safety and general of the battery. For example, Li Ion batteries need to have protection circuits for safety purposes. The lithium iron phosphate and the lithium manganese (IMR) utilize safe chemistry. In general, protection circuits are recommended.

Safer chemistry helps in avoiding vents from flames in case the battery fails. Li ion batteries have oxidizers that can produce oxygen that supports combustion when there is enough heat to cause it.

IMR batteries can handle higher load demands than lithium ion and lithium iron phosphate batteries. Thus, they are also called high drain.

Stacking And Parallel

Stacking is connecting the negative end of one battery to the positive end of another. This is essentially and more appropriately called series battery connection that doubles the voltage while capacity rating or amp hours remain unchanged.

If there are two or more batteries and you connect their positive ends together while their negative ends are joined collectively as well, this connection is called parallel. This will double the capacity rating or amp hours while the voltage produced by one cell is maintained.

Parallel connection ensures that the workload is divided among the cells and will not overstress any cell involved in the circuit. These are only a few of the various aspects that vapers must be aware of regarding their ecig batteries. Thus, learning all about batteries is another great investment you can make apart from purchasing an ecig with the best features.

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