Ecig Ban Could Produce Even More Harm

Chelsea December 23, 2013 0

The ecig ban in NYC, as well as in other places, is feared to cause more harm instead of help. NYC Council backed strongly by the administration is rushing to enforce a law that will treat ecigarette vapors as tobacco smoke by including the electronic instruments under the Smoke-Free Air Act.

Banning Something Good And Useful

Vaping would then be treated as smoking and it will be banned in any outdoor or indoor venue where smoking is prohibited.

This proposed policy has been causing such a stir among citizens. Proponents of the ecig ban argue that ecig use facilitate and promote smoking. Yet, evidence shows that the opposite actually happens with ecig use. Studies and reports show that the devices are used mainly be smokers trying to quit the habit. Instead of helping smokers with their good intentions and wise decisions, lawmakers would actually cause them unwanted additional harm.

The Smoke-Free Air Act has an objective of reducing people’s exposure to passive smoking dangers. people are allowed under this law to smoke in fewer places only. Hopefully, through this restriction, smokers would be encouraged to quit. If ecigs are to be banned like cigarettes, neither front would be promoted.

Ecig use produces no secondhand smoke because there is no smoke, firsthand or secondhand. There are likewise no dangers from secondhand vaping. This is evidenced by a number of studies such as one performed by Dr. Igor Burstyn in Drexel University.

This study found that the levels of chemicals released in the air by ecig vapors are far lower than the accepted levels of danger to public health. This study confirmed that vaping is not dangerous to the user or to the bystanders.

According to early evidences, the electronic smoking substitutes are more popular among smokers looking for a way to quit because they find them more acceptable than smoking outside and exposed to the cold and other elements.

Furthermore, scientific evidences have been established and gathered that verify the efficiency and safety of these using devices. One example is the randomized controlled trial whose details and results were published on The Lancet recently.

Results show that ecigarettes are as effective as nicotine patches in smoke cessation. Health experts typically prescribe and suggest smokers to use FDA approved nicotine patches; claiming that the NRT is found effective in quitting.

Health Research Council of New Zealand funded the randomized controlled study. It was likewise found that ecig have adverse effects that are far fewer than the risks caused by tobacco cigarettes.

Accused Of Confusing People

Another ground used by pro ban people is that vaping could renormalize smoking again because people will be confused by thinking that a person is smoking and not vaping.

American Heart Association’s Robin Vitale stated during the council hearing that the simulation of traditional smoking by vaping can cause confusion, Allowing vaping in public could also lead NYC business owners to be confronted by other people.

Vitale added that it could weaken the smoking ban in workplaces that took decades to be efficiently enforced. This reason alone, he said, is sufficient motivating factor for supporting the ban.

Such is countered by ecig advocates and described as absurd. Business owners also opposed. New York City’s Hospitality Alliance is a trade association of bars and restaurants in the city. Andrew Rigie spoke for the association and testified that his members have no issue of concern about electronic cigarettes.

In fact, it can be easy to distinguish vaping from smoking and officials seem to be thinking that citizens are dumb not to know. Many devices are now featuring blue, green or violet colored glowing tips.

If the device still has red or orange tip, the difference can be discerned through the vapors. Tobacco smoke is obviously disgusting and does not dissipate quickly. Ecig vapor is almost odorless and would be gone in a short while. If vapors do smell, it would be pleasant and even be mouth watering.

Some ecig manufacturers claim that the real cigarette like appearance is to add make them more inviting to adult smokers by offering some forms f familiarity with their old habit.

Vape New York’s owner Spike Babian stated that vodka is not banned just because it looks just like water.

Ecig ban could only push former smokers back to traditional cigarettes. Instead of promoting better health and lifestyle, the ban will only produce the opposite effect.

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