DKS Eliquid: Quality Traditional Smoking Alternative

Chelsea May 5, 2014 0

DKS eliquid was born out of aspiration for quality traditional cigarette alternative. DKS Aromatic is knowledgeable in terms of flavors, thus, it was able to patent the first ever 100% natural liquid foe cigarettes. Not adding nicotine, colorants and additives to the eliquid was the company’s choice because it aims to provide the most gratifying and healthiest experience to the user.

Only The Natural Flavors And Ingredients

All ingredients used in making DKS eliquid are natural. Propylene glycol was sourced from non-genetically modified corn. The distilled water and vegetable glycerin are also first class and have no chemical agents.

Eliquids from DKS are transparent that you could see right through them. Flavors are also in double concentration for more intense and fuller bodied vaping. With 200% flavor concentration, nothing will come close to the richest taste from DKS ejuices. You are free to mix eliquid flavors together so you could come up with your own personal blend. DKS also offers Zero, a neutral taste, which can be used as the universal foundation for all mixes.

The Future Of Vaping

Without the nicotine, the company is able to avoid the threat from government regulations. With no nicotine, it cannot be classified as tobacco product or even medicine.

With DKS eliquids, regulators and lawmakers also need not worry about the harmful effects of using nicotine by the youth. Nicotine free eliquid allows users to add in the amount of nicotine they like their vapors to have.

Some Offered Flavors

Black Wood is 100% natural and spicy flavor. Thoughts about a Black Forest are possible things that your mind could conjure with this vape juice. Black Forest is an expanse of land with fir trees, mysterious and ancient places. Black Forest could also be that rich and gratifying chocolate cake.

Far from the taste of a cake, this flavor is actually spicy, pungent and hot, but satisfying as your cake. You will discern no taste when you inhale this juice, but your palate and tip of the tongue will perceive a light and spicy sensation.

It is when you exhale that you could get the full bodied and hot taste that amazingly remains delicate. It is generally spicy without the fragrance. It is an enigmatic, snug and ample eliquid that could relax you each time you vape it anytime of the day.

Blue Nite is also a completely natural flavor. This juice was inspired by the most beautiful moments of getting ready for bed. Its aroma is kind, soft, warm and slightly floral. As you inhale, the soft floral elements could be discerned.

Exhale and you will be wrapped in the mellow, but slightly complex sensation. The relaxing delicate flavor is balanced by the floral hint. The main ingredient in this liquid is chamomile that could be distinguished by paying close attention to it. It is a perfect vape juice when you want to free your mind from all the worries and stress.

Earthy Star has the fresh, floral and sweet zest of aniseed. Inhaling it will give you lightly sweet taste in your tongue like Sambuca with alcohol to waken up the senses. As you exhale, the alcoholic elements will soften up and you will perceive the spicier and less sweet taste. This flavor is perfect for those intimate moments, daily relaxation and evening breaks.

Lady Purple is a mysterious womanly eliquid. It possesses the intense and sweet aroma that will make your senses protracted as you inhale. When you exhale, the clean, fresh and almost radiant taste is released.

Your mouth will surely enjoy the long, fragrant and floral aftertaste that will make your vaping experience unexpectedly intense. The lavender is not hard to detect along with other mysterious elements.

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