Cooler, Cleaner, Cheaper Smoke Alternative From Blackout Ecigs

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Smokers today are looking for cigarette alternatives that are cleaner, cheaper and a lot cooler. With Blackout Ecigs, this search will be over.

Owned by Jacksam Corp., Blackout electronic cigarettes recently launched a new chic product line. Despite being upscale, the products are offered at quite a lower price than regular cigarette pack. The products are stylish and offer a great taste that is comparable and even better than real cigarettes.

Away From Black Smoke With Great Choices

Through Blackout Ecigs, smokers can get away and free themselves from the black smoke that regular cigarettes emit. Instead, they will surely enjoy these alternatives with superior quality, great taste and unparalleled design.

Social Media Bandita for the brand Candice Garcia said that other ecigs are cheap looking and poorly performing. Blackout electronic cigarettes, on the other hand, are superb and cool. They feel natural and taste amazingly.

Products are neatly packaged inside their attractive black containers featuring the brand’s logo. In every pack, one could find the most elegant ecig of all. Once the device is lighted up or activated, it will deliver amazing tobacco flavor, but without the harms that tobacco can bring along such as tar, toxins, and offensive odor, carbon monoxide and passive smoking effects.

Each product from Blackout Ecigs is in jet black color. Cartridges offer three very enjoyable flavors of menthol, tobacco and cherry. Furthermore, the LED tip of the device will light up respective of the flavor you are using or vaping.

This creates a very distinctive effect; making Blackout the coolest alternative for smokers. In terms of costs, Blackout also gives customers the edge.

Garcia added that from the initial purchase, smokers will be spending an amount of money that is just a fraction of the money they usually spend on traditional cigarettes.

The 5-pack disposables from this brand, likewise costs lower than other cigarette brands. She compared the 5-pack of Blackout that costs $22.5 to the 5-pack of Njoy that costs $29.95. Indeed, Blackout offers a cheaper smoking or vaping option. This 5-pack would even last as long as 4 packs of real smokes.

Aside from offering devices and vaping supplies, the brand also offers Gift Certificates that you can purchase and give as gift to someone whom you like to make the switch to digital smoking. It will give that person the opportunity to choose the exact products that fit his/her preference.

Moreover, purchasing products from the Blackout website will entitle you to Free Shipping services. The brand is way too cool and serves as lucrative venture for investors too. One of the primary Angel Investor is Seedfrog LLC whose managing director Danny Davis has also invested on other projects with other stars such as Floyd Mayweather and Justin Bieber.

Components of Blackout Electronic Cigarette

Other brands in the market offer two-piece design, but Blackout’s device has 3 essential components. These are the battery, the cartridge and the heating element.

The cartridge holds the propylene glycol with nicotine and flavors. The heating element vaporizes this liquid solution or e-liquid. There is also a sensor that detects whenever the user takes a puff. The microprocessor is the one that controls the operation of both lighter and heater.

Products Offered

There are various products offered by this brand and one of the most popular is the Slim Elite Kit that costs $75. It is a rechargeable kit that contains a rechargeable carry case, 2 batteries, 5 cartomizers, USB-AC adapter, gift box and a user manual.

This kit is covered by a 1-year warranty. The case can hold a battery, a fully assembled ecig and 3 cartomizers. It has 3 Led indicator lights for the case and for the ecig device.

The cartridges contain 24 mg/ml of nicotine. Each can produce about 350 puffs. The black battery has an orange LED and each has a rating of 220mAh.

Other popular products from the brand are 5-pack Cherry/Tobacco cartomizers for $15; 5-pack disposables in Cherry/Menthol/Tobacco for $22.5; a Gift card for $10; Single Disposable in Cherry/Menthol/Tobacco for $11.5. Apparels are also offered such as t-shirt for $20 and hat for $20.

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