Complimenting Your Profession With The Right Ecig Flavor

Chelsea February 7, 2014 0

It is important for a vaper to find the right ecig flavor to vape so that he/she will be able to sustain the vaping habit and not have any reason to go back to smoking.

Eliquids come in different flavors, which add another positive point to vaping. If a vaper could match the eliquid flavor to his/her mood, he/she can also match the ecig flavor to his/her line of profession.

One very interesting article on the Veppo Cigs blog, for example, offers recommendations on what flavors of eliquids might suit certain careers.

Fruit-Flavored Ejuices

For a teacher who has endured a long day of work dealing with whining teenagers and screaming younger kids, an apple-flavored vape juice could help soothe the buzz in your head.

For an electric utility worker whose hands have held electrical lines and components the entire time, charge up your break and lift your mood with a cherry-flavored vape.

Peach ejuices are perfect for bouncers, who are like peach fruits that might appear tough outside, but their insides are actually sweet and soft.

Firefighters and traffic enforcers who are often exposed to hot and blazing environments will find refreshment from the juiciness in each puff of watermelon eliquid.

Snow plowing is only seasonal, but when snow plowers are on the job, they have to endure the harsh chilling environment outdoors. While taking a break to recharge your body warmth, why not try vaping a coconut flavored ejuice? I will surely bring you to a tropical island escape where you can just take off your clothes and enjoy the glorious sunshine.

Beach Lifeguards will surely love the flavorful puff from a juice inspired by Summer cocktail combo. Everyday would seem like summer with this delectable mix of summer fruits.

Special And Savory Flavors of Eliquids

Chocolate vapes is for the psychiatrist and counselors who are probably lending their ears to other people’s dilemmas almost every day. Sometimes, listening to the sad and disappointing stories of other people can put a lot of stress on these professionals that the negative air sometimes gets rubbed on them.

If there is anything that can lift up almost everyone’s spirit, it would most likely be chocolate. Even if you are conscious with your weight, you need not worry that vaping a lot from your chocolate ejuice could also add more calories to your body. Just enjoy your chocolate vapes until all those tensions are gone.

Cinnamon is a spice that has found its way in many foods that we eat. If you feel bored and jaded from working all the time with numbers as an accountant, or from the monotony of any job you are currently in, have some spice in your vape to liven it up. While trying some jalapeño-inspired ejuice seems interesting, it is probably better just shaking off the boredom with a spice that you can enjoy without so much effort.

Security guards, call center agents and every other professionals on graveyard shift should vape some coffee or mocha or cappuccino or latte flavored eliquids. Perhaps you should also try some ejuices inspired by an energy drink. You would most likely just vape an energizing eliquid rather than cut your skin and squeezing lime juice on the gash. Every puff will certainly wake you up with the rich and distinctive aroma of coffee. After all, you have a long night of work to endure.

If you are yoga or meditation instructor or any professional who simply needs to have a relaxing break to ease your mind from all worries and anxieties; vaping with green tea flavored vape juice (or any other tea flavors) will give you that calming effect you need.

There are many other juice flavors out there and trying them out to find the right flavor for your needs will surely be worth it.

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