Cheaper Sigelei ZMAX Or Costlier ProVape ProVari

Chelsea July 25, 2014 0

A wide variety of products are offered in the ecigarette market. So many products are available that for a particular type of device, you would normally choose which one will fit your budget. For example, your budget will help in choosing between the cheaper Sigelei ZMAX or the costlier ProVape Provari.

While price is not always a measure of which device is better, for almost all products that you purchase, keep in mind that you pay what you pay for. As a general reminder, simply make sure that the price is reasonable for the features and offerings of a product, regardless if it is economical or expensive.

Sigelei ZMAX

This device is not really what you could call cheap at a regular price of about $100 (you may even be lucky to get it at a sale price of just $60). Yet, this price is cheaper compared to the price of Provari. It is such a great device in almost all aspects.

It is an amazing mod from top to bottom. It is the newest in the lineup of Sigelei mods. It is a telescopic mod that can run on 18350 or 18650 batteries. You are also allowed to stack two 18350 batteries.

There are no tube pieces to replace or remove just to lengthen or shorten it. The lower half of tube need only to be unscrewed so you could achieve the length you desire or need. It is clean as well as attractive. It is an ideal device for the genesis RBA users.

ZMAX is made of stainless steel so its durability is approved. It has wide mouth top cap that can accept Kanger tanks. As of January 2014, all current devices have removable top caps and metal buttons.

It is a variable voltage device whose voltage range is 3.0-6.0 volts with 0.1 v increments. The power could also be adjusted from 3.0 watts to 15 watts in increments of 0.5 watt. The output limit is 4A.

Its OLED screen can display output voltage, resistance and output power among others. It is equipped with short circuit protection, low resistance protection, low voltage protection, etc. One complete kit includes the telescoping body, batteries, zipper case and a 1.6 ml clearomizer.

ProVape ProVari

A starter kit of hardware cost $212.95 and it includes a variable voltage vaporizer, 2 18490 batteries, battery charger, iClear30S/Aspire Nautilus.

ProVari might be twice or more than the price of ZMAX, but for some obvious reasons. The well-known ProVari has been designed to be microprocessor controlled. As a VV device, you are allowed to adjust voltage from 2.9 volts to 6.0 volts in 0.1 v increments.

There is a built-in display as well that will show pertinent vaping details. It has a self-calibration system thanks to the AccuSet Technology. It can check the resistance of your atomizer and also the voltage of your battery.

Its translucent push button can indicate if it is running low in power or voltage. While ZMAX can accommodate two batteries, this ProVari is made only to use single battery.

It is likewise made with stainless steel. It has 16-second cutoff for safety. It also has short circuit protection, reverse battery protection, thermal monitoring system, amperage limiting, over discharge protection and battery monitoring.

Its price makes up for the fact that this unit is controlled by a microprocessor. Not only could you adjust the voltage with simple pressing of the button or dialing the setting; but more importantly, your output will be constantly regulated so the intensity of your puff will remain unchanged. You are guaranteed of the same intense flavor and huge vapor clouds in every puff.

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