Challenging CCWA On Its Call For Ecig Ban

Chelsea January 9, 2014 0

The debate involving electronic cigarettes is one that seems to be never ending.  Opponents including the CCWA or Cancer Council of Western Australia are vehemently calling for an Ecig ban to pacify their unfounded fears about the devices.

Proponents of electronic cigarettes, obviously, are opposing such false claims because they believe that the devices deserve better treatments.  On Aussie Vapers Forum, for instance, is a very interesting thread that shows that ecig advocates would not just remain silent especially when they are so unreasonably attacked by their opponents.

The thread involved the dialogue between the vaper named Rose and Terry Slevin from CCWA.

Essence Of An Ecig Ban

For many vapers, ecigs are their saviors from the deathly clutches of tobacco smoking.  For regulators, ecigs are cigarette reincarnations luring new victims to doom.

While ecigarette proponents are agreeing to the need for the industry to be regulated, they are pushing that such regulations would be appropriate for the category and based on science; not based on the unreasonable hullabaloo of some people.

According to Rose, she did not send her first letter directly to Terry Slevin, but the latter has emailed her. At first, she decided that she would just dismiss and forget it, but later on, she decided to speak her piece and let her thoughts be known.

Rose has made several great points in her posts on the forum that ecig detractors out there should read and understand.  Oftentimes, regulators are one sided. They want everyone to hear only about their stories and disregard what others have to express.

Cancer Charity Calling For Ecig Ban

The agitated vaper pointed out that Terry spoke in behalf of CCWA, a cancer charity.  However, Terry did not mention even once on his letter to Rose about cancer being related to ecigarettes.  Seemingly like a gate crasher, the cancer charity enters the hot and controversial topic with no invitation and even bothered to demand for ecigarette ban.

Rose questioned why Terry and his group is calling for such prohibition of a product not linked to cancer.  Such action is beyond the purpose of his charity group.

Inappropriate Categorization of Ecigarettes

CCWA and other ecigarette opponents are calling for an ecig restriction, claiming that ecigs are not approved smoke cessation tools.  Of course ecigs are not approved aids in quitting because they are smoke alternatives.

They are recreational products, not therapeutic or medicinal goods. Terry wanted to implement the Therapeutic Goods Act on ecigs, which is inappropriate because this law does not apply to recreational products.


Deemed By Smokers As Helpful

Terry pointed out that the devices are not effective tools for quitting.  Although the products are marketed as alternatives to smoking, people who have used them are the ones testifying that ecigs were the only products that truly helped curb their cigarette consumption.

These people participating in online forums and discussion groups are living proofs of the efficiency of ecigarettes. These people have already tried other smoke cessation aids like nicotine patches and gums, but these so called approved therapies failed them.

Despite the low success rate of quitting through approved cessation products, Terry and others still suggest people stick to them. It only shows that Terry and his cohorts do not pay attention or do not even care if people really succeed on smoke cessation as long as these approved NRT’s and cessation drugs are sold.

Not to be malicious, but it is quite obvious that smoking policies pushed by groups like CCWA are not about health; but about the promotion and protection of Big Pharma and Big Tobacco.

If ecigs are banned and restricted, smokers will return to smoking cigarettes. They will again buy cigarettes and essentially increase the governments’ tobacco tax revenue. To show that the government is concerned about its people, it will promote approved cessation aids that will increase pharmaceutical profits. Either way, the government wins and smokers remain as losers.

As for Terry questioning the long term effects of ecigs, Rose presented herself as guinea pigs. Contrary to what detractors argue that ecigs are not yet scientifically studied for safety and efficiency, Rose pointed out various documents that Terry could read.

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