Call To Action By European Free Vaping Initiative

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European Free Vaping Initiative or EFVI is calling every vapers to act in fighting for a cause that will benefit the vaping industry and community in Europe.

This EFVI is not just another petition that collects signatures from vapers and concerned citizens, although it actually needs to accumulate 1,000,000 signatures before November 25, 2014 in order to meet the quota from seven member states. This is a call to action for vapers from the 7 vapers from the 7 European state members that formed this movement.

EFVI hopes to ask Europe’s decision makers to allow electronic cigarettes to be freely sold across the region. It fights for the regulation of ecigarettes in an appropriate way; not as tobacco and also not as medicines. Signing for this initiative will allow vapers to directly participate in the ecigarette policies development in the UK.

Once the quota is successfully met, EFVI will have the chance to personally meet with the Commission representatives and then present the initiative before the European Parliament during a public hearing.

Call To Action For Saving Vaping And Protecting Civil Rights

In December 16 last year, the Council of Mnisters and European Parliament might have rejected the proposition on treating ecigs as medicines. However, there remain several provisions in the TPD framework that are directly threatening ecigarette future in Europe.

The European Free Vaping Initiative aims to fight until ecigarettes are discussed in a manner that the products deserve: not as medicines and also not as tobacco. It aims to remain fighting until there is a final regulation that does not emanate fear from ignorance; regulation that does not sidestep scientific evidence or the needs of ecigarette users.

Vapers comprise of people who have made mature, private and responsible decisions when they opted on using electronic cigarettes in place of tobacco cigarettes that cause thousands of lives among European citizens to be claimed year after year.

Vaping has no harm to the user or to the bystanders. It is a private hobby that should not interest or bother the public and the officials. Any attempts that will ban or heavily/inappropriately regulate the products are grave offenses to the personal rights and to the private spheres of vapers.

If the European Parliament ever intends to be involved with these vaping maters, it should promote and support instead of restrict, said EFVI.

EFVI Manifesto

In the manifesto of European Free vaping Initiative, it is stated that European vapers and supporters of vaping are demanding that electronic cigarette and ecig-related products (regardless of nicotine content) to be treated as general purpose recreation products.

Categorization of ecigarettes as medicines or as tobacco products will mess up or limit the access of vapers to products that can keep them away from the harms of tobacco smoking. Classifying ecigarettes other than as general purpose products for recreation will close down small businesses. vaping future will then be handed to industrial groups that are far from being interested in serving the real needs of vapers.

The majority of vapers are actually former smokers. EFVI emphasizes that ecigs are not smoke cessation devices, but recreational instruments that can substitute tobacco cigarettes. Those who have tried ecigarettes were able to drop the habit of smoking completely. They were able to essentially stop smoking; stop harming themselves and stop exposing other people to tobacco smoke harms.

These former smokers are real people who have personally experience the benefits of the devices. In the manifesto, EFVI asks that the European Commission to propose legislation that will allow and promote unrestricted and free vaping.

It asks the European lawmakers to allow current European vapers to continue vaping and to legislate in a way that the diversity and availability of vaping products will not be negatively impacted. It asks that vendors and manufacturers to be allowed to continue doing their businesses without being burdened or crippled by time and money consuming licensing processes.

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