Call, Music, Vape With Kingway VShare Bluetooth E-Cig

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Bluetooth capable ecigarettes are among the latest trends in vaporizers. It is, thus, no wonder that manufacturers of electronic cigarettes are making such devices. Kingway VShare Bluetooth E-Cig is one of them.

It is sold by various vendors online. At MyFreedomSmokes, Kingway VShare Bluetooth E-Cig was originally sold for $79.95, but is now offered at $49.95.

Ecig Functions

The Vshare ecig could be used as a mobile phone when picking or answering incoming calls. You could also play music using this Bluetooth-capable ecigarette. You will know when there is an incoming call when the battery vibrates.

You could use it as a sound/stereo/audio for playing music by connecting it to the computer or other music playing devices. There are buttons on the battery that you could press or click to select your songs.

There is also a redial option so you could call the last phone number listed on the latest connected person menu.

Included Components And Specifications

The gift box of the Kingway VShare Bluetooth E-Cig contains a 350 mAh battery, a clearomizer, a silicone holder, an eGo necklace, a USB charger, a wall adaptor and a user manual.

The innovative design of Vshare is said to be patented. The Vshare clearomizer can hold 1.5 ml if ejuice. The coil resistance of the clearomizer is 1.8-2.4 ohms. Its working voltage is from 3.3 volts to 4.2 volts.

The unit is 510/eGo-threaded. The battery measures 100 mm in length and 14 mm in diameter. You could have your Vshare in Black, Silver, Blue and Red.

Vaper Review

One of the many vapers who have tried the Vshare ecig noted that the 350mAh rating of the battery is actually just 320mAh. The battery’s charge even depletes faster when vaping and using Bluetooth at the same time. You could enjoy a full hour of vaping when the Bluetooth is on. Using the ecig exclusively for vaping could make the battery last for a whole day of moderate vaping.

The entire device is seemingly made of plastic except the top connection so the unit is definitely lightweight. The Bluetooth feature is very functional.

Another user said that the Bluetooth is for gimmick purposes because the ecig itself could deliver just an average performance. Since it is lightweight and made of plastic, it lacks the solid and sturdy feel. One could imagine this device to be so fragile.

The clearomizer, however, is one thing that you will love about the Vshare ecig. It vapes quite well and involved no flooding. It is also a bottom coil clearomizer so the wick is always moist with eliquid.

The Bluetooth controls are fairly easy to use. The center button acts like an on/off switch, a hang up or answer call button, redial button or pause/play music button. Selecting next song or increasing the volume is allowed using the + button. Selecting the last song or decreasing the button can be done with the – button.

The speaker is also fairly well when listening to voices, but not for music. In essence, this unit is much better as a vaping device than a phone or a music player.

Vs Supersmoke

Supersmoke is most certainly the first Bluetooth enabled ecigarette. Supersmoke and vshare both have built-in microphone and speaker for making calls and playing music. They also both work with Bluetooth capable devices like Android or iOs.

Supersmoke was the original and Kingway Vshare is not; although they basically offer the same features and functionality. If you want a truly innovative and unique design, go for Supersmoke, but if your budget is tight, Kingway could be enough for your Bluetooth-enabled vaping.

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