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Chelsea March 12, 2014 0

Most Dope is the name of the store selling electronic cigarettes that was put up by three local college students. In the Midwest, the vaping tend has not yet caught on as intensely as it did in other places, but the young entrepreneurs believe and hope that it will soon.

The 21 year old Donna Tran is one of the three business owners who said that vaping has long been around, but its popularity is only now beginning to take hold. Most Dope is not just an ordinary vape store. It is also a store that offers auto performance parts.

Most Dope Offerings

The ecig store is located at 21 S. Broadway, downtown Aurora. She put up this business along with her 21 year old fiancé Ben Francisco and his sister, 18 years old Cherrie. The store was opened last December. Cherrie and Ben graduated from West Aurora High School. The three are attending at College of Dupage.

It is a place where people could purchase electronic cigarettes and choose from the dozens of eliquid flavors that are displayed on the counters. Electronic vaporizer kits cost from $34.99 to $275. The kits already contain tanks, mods and chargers.

Co-owner Cherrie said that vaping is popular in the West Coast and is only now getting in their area. According to her, they need no additional permits in selling nicotine of ecig equipment since it is not tobacco. Moreover, their store does not cater to anyone below age of 18.

Donna said that the business started in 2010 mostly as a car crew of 30. The crew sells car performance components. They also refinish rims, retrofit roll cages and build engines frequently for imported cars.

Vaping is now the store’s main focus. It also offers a flavor bar where legal aged customers could sample the ejuice flavors like watermelon, honeydew, strawberry and traditional tobacco. Customers, however, usually prefer the fruit flavors. The customer can choose if his/her ejuice will have nicotine or not. Nicotine options are 0, 6 and 12 mg.

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Vapers And Business Owners

Cherrie is a vapor by hobby. Unlike other ecig users who like vaping ejuices with nicotine, she vapes non-nicotine eliquids instead. She also likes experimenting with different coils.

Meanwhile, Donna and Ben began vaping as smoking alternative. Donna was 17 when she started to smoke. She said that cigarette smoking became expensive and that they also wanted something healthier as a substitute. With tis business, they want people to get away from cigarettes.

Doubted Ecig Safety

There have been studies on the safety of electronic cigarettes, but many public health groups are still arguing that nothing is known about the devices particularly their safety. Right now, the FDA only regulates devices claiming some therapeutic benefits.

The FDA’s decision on ecigarettes is still anticipated by every opponent and proponent of vaping. There are also allegations that ecigs only lead many young people to nicotine addiction and to conventional smoking. The European Parliament recently approved the revised TPD containing supposed inappropriate articles for ecigs.

Firm Belief In Ecigarettes

Despite many ecig detractors spreading fears about ecigs, people like the three vapers are still in firm belief that the products are beneficial. Donna said that her experience with vaping is very positive. She still vapes now, but not as much as she smoked. She even feels better now that she is vaping.

Their store is open from 10:30 AM until 9 PM Mondays through Thursdays; 10:30 AM until 11 PM Fridays and Saturdays and from noon until 6 PM on Sundays. Customers can also get in touch with the store through its Facebook account.

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