Bill Said Indoor Ecigs Use Is Legal

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Majority of ecigarette legislations in recent times were drafted to restrict or ban the use of electronic cigarette in places where smoking has already been outlawed. Conversely, lawmakers in Wisconsin are considering legalizing indoor ecigs use.

According to legislators pushing indoor ecigs use bans, electronic cigarettes and ecig vapors look so much like traditional cigarettes and smoke that they could undermine the currently imposed smoking bans. The devices are said to mimic real cigarettes so well that some people might think that vapers are actually smokers and wrongly think that smoking is once again allowed. They also argue that the implementation of anti-smoking policies will be tougher to administer if ecigs are allowed.

Wisconsin Ecigarette Bill

The bill allowing indoor ecig use was proposed in Wisconsin by a Republican lawmaker. This bill that clarifies legal use of ecigs in indoor public places was introduced despite the statewide prohibition on indoor smoking.

Thus, it was only expected that the bill has been received with opposition from anti-ecig groups of scientists and doctors.

If it passes, Professor Dr. Michael Fiore from University of Wisconsin said that the children in Wisconsin and their young nicotine-sensitive brains to be at risk. Fiore has founded the Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention in University of Wisconsin.

Unfounded Fears That Vapors Are Toxic

One of the arguments on ecigs is that the vapors they produce might be toxic. However, studies seem to confirm that the vapors are safe for bystanders and users. This opposes the allegations made by ecig detractors that the vapors are public health risks.

As if to stand up to their crooked reasoning to ban a product that is not confirmed as serious dangers to public health, lawmakers still pursued ecigarette bans such as in the 5 US states and dozens of cities including New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Ecigarette supporters remark that these bans will not help achieve the goals on anti-smoking groups to reduce smoking deaths and diseases. Instead, ecig bans will only shove smokers and vapers to real cigarettes.

Defying the trend, Senator Glenn Grothman’s introduced bill will do the opposite. Instead of outlawing ecigarettes, they will be explicitly allowed indoors although indoor smoking has been prohibited by the 2009 state law.

The Republican Grothman remarked that it is sad that the legislation still required introduction just to make it clear that the smoking ban is not supposed to affect or govern electronic cigarettes.

Ecigarette advocates point out that ecigarette vapors are many times less harmful than the conventional cigarette smoke.

Vicki McKenna is a Conservative radio host and she puffed on an ecig before and after she spoke with the senators. According to McKenna, she used to smoke 1-2 packs Camel Lights cigarettes for 23 years prior to switching to electronic cigarettes and finally stopped smoking.

She also added that she was able to transfer her dependency of cigarettes to ecigs over the course of several days and have experienced substantial health benefits.

The Wisconsin debate is similar to the one that is popularly raging across the nation. Scientists against vaping are citing the lack of health studies on ecigs while advocates argue that smokers are weaned from smoking by ecigs.

Still, many health experts believe that ecigs are beneficial. Pediatrician from Madison, Murray Katcher, said that electronic cigarettes should not be compared to cigarettes, but to clean air instead.

DuraSmoke, the largest eliquid company in the use is owned by Don Muehlbauer who said that his products are comparatively safer than traditional cigarettes. He said that other states might have regulated ecigs for the purpose of taxing the products. He added that he is anxiously waiting for the FDA decision so he would have clear policies to follow.

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