Bestselling Eliquids From Mom And Pop Vapor Shop

Chelsea January 10, 2014 0

Bestselling Eliquids From Mom And Pop Vapor ShopMom And Pop Vapor Shop offers ejuices that are all crafted in Virginia, USA.  The ingredients used are PG, VG with natural and artificial flavorings.

Each recipe is a fruit of hard work and labor. The best ingredients ratio is used so that each flavor can produce the best throat hit and vapor production.

There are 5 various levels of nicotine offered: 24, 18, 10, 5 and 0 mg.  Aside from the 10 ml bottles of ejuices, you can also purchase 15, 30, 60 and 120 ml bottles.  Here are the e-liquid bestsellers from the Mom And Pop Vapor Shop.

Pchela’s Famous 5 Layer

A winning contest recipe, this unique mix of five various flavor have great undertones that will give you such wonderful vaping experience.

It is sweet and mellow with butterscotch, chocolate, graham cracker and coconut. Enjoy a smooth and creamy exhale of vanilla.  Each flavor is subtle, yet come together in a perfectly balanced vape.

Reviewers claim that this flavor is beyond what they expected. They even enjoyed a bonus of lingering wonderful smell in the air after vaping.

Tobacco Haze

This great tobacco flavor tastes sweet and something else that remains a secret.  This juice might take a week to steep, but the wait is certainly worth it because it can deliver something really superb and excellent.

Butterfly Bait

This flavor is subtle enough that you will only be left wondering what you are actually vaping.  It is a sexy vape that will keep you vaping for more.  Its sweetness can attract the butterflies. It is inconspicuous, intriguing, profound and perplexing.

RY4 Tobacco

This version of the very popular tobacco flavor is perfect for those looking for some sweet tobacco to vape. Five different flavors were mixed to create this good stuff.

It is more than tobacco and caramel blended together.  Once you tried it, you will never look for another RY4 again.


It is a minty chocolate flavor of vape juice that is more likely the best you have ever tasted.  You could easily fall in love with this vape juice right from the first vape.


No other name would probably suit the great offerings of this vape juice.  It s certainly one yummy dessert caramel vape you will include in your list of favorites.

RY4v2 Tobacco

This is Mom And Pop RY4 with a twist.  It is spicy and sweet and smoky at the same time.

Coffee Cream

This is a perfect vape after you just woke up or even during late night vaping.  Coffee fans will enjoy the little cream in this.  It is a nice and strong, but not overpowering vape.

American Blend

This is the tobacco flavor you have long been searching for.  It is strong and offers such excellent throat hit.  It also contains some slight licorice.

Rootbeer Float

This is the vape for those lovers of old-fashioned root beer.

Strawberry Cheesecake

It is a refreshing vape with the perfect undertones of strawberry in an awesome cheesecake.

Vanilla Cream

Vanilla in this vape juice is just light and not overpowering.

Bud’s Blend

A customer once ordered for a blend of something in between Tobacco Haze and American Blend. After mixing the customer’s specifics, juice mixers tasted it and found out it was a fantastic vape. Soon, every other vaper discovered the great e-liquid flavor it is.

Blue Ridge Mist

This is a flavorful mix of peach fruit and other great fruity flavors.

Keswick Koffee

The bold kahlua espresso is truly present in every puff of this vape juice.  Its rich taste will surely satisfy your coffee cravings.


Its richness and creaminess will definitely satisfy your sweet cravings. It will also compliment your morning cup of coffee.

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