American Vaping Association Advocates Positive Media For Ecigs

Chelsea May 16, 2014 0

American Vaping Association is a group that promotes positive media for the ecigarette industry. At a time like this when ecigs are attacked from all possible sides, AVA serves like a hope for every vaper.

The aim of American Vaping Association is to educate the public about ecigarettes by giving everyone accurate and true information on vaping. To achieve this goal, AVA reaches and uses mass media.

Where Donations Go

In order to reach mass media, AVA employs the services of a public relations firm. AVA pays for these services through the financial assistance and donations that it receives. This is the same tactic used by ecig opponents in spreading false information on electronic cigarettes.

Thus, AVA is fighting against ecig opponents in the very same way they are opposing ecigs. With the help of PR firm, the spokespeople and the press releases of AVA would be able to get to major publications and top notch media outlets.

American Vaping Association is a non-profit group. Donations from vapers and supporters are the lifeline of the organization. It is through the help of vapers that AVA would be able to secure the much needed PR services.

The AVA Difference

There are already a lot of vaping organizations out there. These advocacy groups are very helpful to the vaping industry and community. Each organization has its own role to play in helping the community and industry to remain afloat and surviving.

Industry trade groups provide member ecig companies and sellers certain quality standards to follow. This way, companies, sellers and vendors could ensure their vaping customers of premium products and services.

AVA threads on a different aspect. It serves as a place where vapers could speak and share their own stories testifying that vaping changed their lives. It is in the AVA website where vapers could tell others about their stories; could recount their struggles and could share their wonderful vaping experiences.

It is an organization and a website for consumers who have firsthand experience of using electronic cigarettes. In almost all public hearings on proposed regulations on ecigarettes, many vapers attend and testify. They try so hard to speak, but their voices all seem muted. Through AVA, vapers’ stories will be read, will be known and will be appreciated.

Every vaper has his/her story to tell. Each vaper has a very unique experience in transitioning to ecigarettes. Each follows a distinctive journey. Such stories are not only inspiring.

Every real story added to the AVA database is a chance and power added to the vaping community; a chance to be recognized and appreciated by the opposing parties, a power to encourage other smokers to start new lives with ecigs.

AVA helps get the message about vaping to everyone in the world. With looming regulations, it is feared that ecig marketing and advertising will be restricted. If that happens, it will become harder to reach other smokers who still have not known about ecigs.

AVA does not market or advertise. It merely presents stories and accounts of actual ecigarette users who have discovered new and better lives through vaping.

AVA Features

At AVA, there is also a newsletter you can subscribe to. Newsletter subscription allows you to conveniently receive updates on what the current happenings at AVA are and what have resulted from its efforts.

Vendors are likewise welcomed to be a sponsor for AVA. If you are a vendor who takes interest in the advocacy of AVA, contact the group for the help you like to extend.

Aside from its website, there are other ways to get in touch and to participate in the advocacy of AVA. You could follow AVA on Twitter or like it on Facebook.

AVA is a non-profit 5012-4 filed organization. All donations it receives are not like donations to charity, but contributions that are not tax deductible.

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