Advanced Personal Vaporizers Vamo V3 Vs Sigelei ZMAX

Chelsea November 18, 2013 0

Using advanced personal vaporizers is the next level to take by those vapers who have outgrown their mini or standard sized electronic cigarettes.

Advanced personal vaporizers are different from mini ecigs in many ways.

  • One difference is that APVs have better performing and longer lasting batteries.
  • Another difference is that advanced personal vaporizers would most likely not make others wrongly think that you are using a real cigarette as its appearance is far from a real cigarette or a standard ecig.

In case you are looking for an APV to buy, here are two of the best that you can choose.

Vamo V3

Vapor Alley offers it for $52.99. You have the option to add your selected battery. Add $8.99 to add a flat or button top eFest IMR 18650 battery or $8.39 to get 2 pieces of flat or button top eFest IMR 18350 batteries.

This eGo APV is a superior performing device that you can buy at an affordable price. It features chrome black finish along with a metal button for activation. There is a Blue OLED for display and additional 2 buttons for adjusting the features of Vamo V3.

It offers 2 modes of operation wherein you can adjust the power settings according to your preferred power or voltage. Under variable voltage mode, you can adjust by 0.1 increments your voltage from 3 to 6 volts. Variable wattage allows you to choose anywhere from 3 to 15 watts in increments of 0.5 watt.

The batteries you can use with Vamo can also be customized. You can use one 18650 battery or 2 18350 batteries.

This device can be used suitably with 510 cartomizers and other accessories with 510 connections. You are also offered with voltage operation selection by Vamo. The atomizer resistance will be scanned and displayed on the OLED screen along with the battery voltage.

Vamo also has chrome over copper type of construction. It has protection circuit against over or under current and low resistance. The complete unit roughly measures 5 3/8 inches long and 7/8 inches diameter. This unit is covered by 30 days warranty from Vapor Alley.

Sigelei ZMax

The price tag for this device is $64.99. It is also a variable voltage and variable wattage APV. This hardware allows you to choose your desired settings each time you use it or you may also set it once and it will operate in this selected setting.

This is already the third version of the highly rated ZMAX device from Sigelei. It features a RMS operation that regulates voltage output for accurate vaping experience every time.

Like Vamo, it is also equipped with OLED display where you can view the complete descriptions of all settings; even error messages in case you made a mistake in setting the device.

The body is likewise streamlined with a single durable button. Zmax is crafted using stainless steel. It also operates in two battery modes. You may choose just one 18650 battery if you want long battery life or you could use 2 18350 batteries if you prefer to use it in high amperage.

Its drip well measures 16 mm. This device possesses connections for to be used with eGo and 510 items and accessories. With this flexibility, you are allowed to use it with other cartomizers and atomizers for APVs.

Voltage range is 3-6 volts with increments of 0.1volt. Wattage range is 3-15 watts with increments of 0.5 watt. The design of Zmax gives it protection from over or undercurrent, from vented end cap and short circuit.

A fully assembled device measures 1 5/8 inches long with a diameter of 13/16 inches. It also comes with 30 day warranty.

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