Advanced Personal Vaporizer: Vamo V5 Vs iTaste SVD

Chelsea July 23, 2014 0

The diversity of the electronic cigarette market provides an advantage to vapers. The assortment of products provides vapers with different product options. If you are looking for an advanced personal vaporizer, for example, there is something to fit one limited budget and there is also something that will match the high-end preference of an aficionado.

Vamo V5 Advanced Personal Vaporizer

You can get this APV for only about $53. Vamo V5 offers an upgrade, albeit only slight, to the generation of highly cost-efficient APVs. There have been earlier versions of Vamo and V5 share some things common with each of them and then amazingly combines these best features in one unit.

Vamo V5 is seemingly like a hybrid of all Vamo devices. Based on how its body is constructed, you would definitely be reminded of Vamo V2. It inherited from V3 some amazing attributes like OLED screen with upgraded chip set and the top cap design that allows you to unscrew it if you like to use other attachments.

All V3, V4 and V5 have the exclusive active RMS mode all the while maintaining a common ground variable voltage or wattage modes. The metal buttons are made better with V5. The battery spring is also made different. The 510-connection was also hoisted.

The variable voltage setting could be adjusted from 3 volts to 6 volts via increments of 0.1 volt. Just press the + and – buttons to adjust. The variable wattage can be adjusted from 3.0 watts to 15.0 watts through increments of 0.5 watt.

V5 also has the ability to measure and then display the resistance of the attached atomizer, tank or cartomizer. You may use atomizer with resistance from 1.5 ohms to 5.0 ohms. The OLED screen serves very useful purpose of displaying all pertinent vaping details. You could power up your Vamo V5 with 18650 or 18350 batteries. The bottom tube section can be removed and replaced with appropriate tues for the battery you wish to use.

Pressing the + button for longer than 3 seconds and the OLED screen will display the current resistance of the atomizer. If you press the – button for more than 3 seconds, the OLED screen will show the voltage of your battery.

The maximum armature current of the device is 5 amperes. With is on/off mode that you could see by clicking the button 5 times, you could choose to shut it off completely. You need not worry it will be damaged in case you failed to insert the battery in proper position because V5 has reverse battery protection.

It is also equipped with battery monitoring so it will shut down itself when the battery charge is already close to depletion. Amperage limiting is the protective feature against over current situations.

Thermal monitoring is the feature that allows it to shut down if it detects high temperature. If you have been taking a puff for more than 10 seconds, the device will also automatically shut off via its time limit protection function.

iTaste SVD Advanced Personal vaporizer

This is the APV that you might like to get if your budget is $100 or more. SVD is most likely the finest APV that Innokin has made.

It has a versatile telescoping body that will let you use just about any battery in the 1800 series. However, make sure that you will not use protected batteries with SVD. It is a high end device that is surely packed with all high end features.

In variable voltage mode, you may set voltage from 3.3 to 6.0 volts via 0.1 v increment. In variable wattage mode, you may set it from 3.0 to 15.0 watts in 0.5 watt increments. It is designed to have amazing features including short circuit protection, Reverse Battery Protection Circuit, and Battery Voltage Detection along with Resistive Load Detection and battery safety protection.

The battery has LED power display, low voltage warning and overtime vaping warning. It is made compatible with various eGo and 510 accessories.

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